The Student Leadership Council at CMS will be collecting socks and blankets the week of November 13-17, to donate to the Haven House in Mattoon.
7 months ago, Inga Enyart
Congratulations to the 8 Gold students who received the Smarty Pants for October!! Great work Jay and Faik!!
7 months ago, Dow, Michelle
8th graders participated in a service day. 8th graders in Ms. Enyart's group made snowmen from socks to give to all staff at CMS. #cms#cusd1
7 months ago, Inga Enyart
These 8th graders participated in service day by helping Carl Sandburg teachers and students.
7 months ago, Dow, Michelle
Some 8th grade students spending their time at Catholic Charities and Food for Kids for service day.
7 months ago, Ashley Oliver
Congratulations to Kaylin for being the October Frequent Flyer winner in the CMS IMC! Enjoy your prizes and keep reading! #cmscusd1
7 months ago, Crome, Mary Ann
Congratulations Kaylin!
CMS is hosting a Blood Drive in their media center next week on Monday, October 30th from 9:00am - 2:00pm. Please visit and enter: CharlestonMS to schedule an appointment.
7 months ago, CUSD1
CMS Blood Drive
7 months ago, Pantle, Holly
Veterans Day Ceremony
CMS 7th Grade student, Caleb B. has been "rocking" the National Anthem at our basketball games on the electric guitar. Thanks Caleb! #cmscusd1
7 months ago, Lynn, Robert
It's Book Fair Week at CMS! Students can visit the book fair several times during the school day! Students and parents/guardian can shop together during Student-Led Conferences Thursday and Friday of this week! You can shop from home using our school fair webpage Set up an e-wallet for your students' school shopping experience! Our goal is 200 books to CMS students this week! Thank you for supporting reading at CMS! #cmscusd1
7 months ago, Crome, Mary Ann
Visit our school book fair link to set up e-wallet for your student!
There's lots of excitement in the CMS Media Center on Friday the 13th! Seventh grade Social Studies students are trying to break out and save the citizens of Salem in 1692! Will they break out in time? #cmscusd1
8 months ago, Crome, Mary Ann
Mr. Veach assists students with lock boxes!
Mr. Pitcher leads students to solve the mystery!
Who will open the lock first?
CMS 8 Gold team wants to give Gavin and Jack a big shout out for being awarded the Smarty Pants for September.
8 months ago, Dow, Michelle
Join us for the Scholastic Book Fair in the CMS IMC during Student-Led Conferences the evening of Thursday, Oct. 19 and Friday, October 20! Students may shop the book fair Monday through Thursday next week before school, at lunch, and WIN time. #cmscusd1
8 months ago, Crome, Mary Ann
The CMS Book Fair is next week!
Join us for the Scholastic Book Fair in the CMS IMC during Student-Led Conferences the evening of Thursday, Oct. 19 and Friday, October 20! Students may shop the book fair Monday through Thursday. #cmscusd1
8 months ago, Crome, Mary Ann
Mon., Oct. 16 - Fri., Oct. 20
7 Red students made a donation to the food drive at CHS. We also enjoyed checking out the amazing Ag building! #cmscusd1
8 months ago, Jessica Stranz
What a Friday in the CMS IMC! Mrs. Adams' 8th grade classes are coding Sphero projects, 7th grade Social Studies classes of Mr. Pitcher and Mr. Veach are testing their knowledge in a Trivia Challenge and twelve 7th and 8th graders enjoyed the first Book Bistro of the year including lunch, treats and new books to review! September Frequent Flyer Readers were awarded. Have a great weekend Trojans! #cmscusd1
8 months ago, Crome, Mary Ann
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Friendly competition occurred between the classes.
First Book Bistro for seventh grade students had lots of eager readers.
Students synergize to program and measure the results.
There was lots of anticipation as to who the first frequent flyer winner would be.
CMS students will change the world with their skills.
Trivia questions included history, current events and pop culture.  Music and movie questions were the most popular!
This group of 8th graders are Book Bistro veterans.
Our first Frequent Flyer winners of the year were awarded candy and new pencil pouches donated to the IMC.  Keep reading to enter next month's drawing!
Congratulations to our CMS students who were recognized for outstanding leadership in the month of September!
8 months ago, Pitcher, Michael
Current 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Boys: CMS Boys Basketball Tryouts are coming up! Please make sure you have a current physical on file. #TrojanUp
8 months ago, Bickford, Molly
8 Red students enjoying spirit week. #cms#cusd1
8 months ago, Inga Enyart
The Charleston Middle School IESA State Softball tournament has been cancelled for today due to heavy rain in Normal. The game has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 23rd, at 11:30 AM. We will take a fan bus for tomorrow for the first game only. The bus will leave at Charleston Middle School at 8:45 AM. The approximate return time for the fan bus would be 3:30-4:00 PM.
8 months ago, Lynn, Robert