Several teachers stated that she is a blessing to have at CMS. Her wealth of knowledge on CBE has helped many other teachers. She has shared resources, been open to being observed, and taken time out of her own schedule to help others.

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Ember is intelligent, creative, kind to others, and is great for a positive classroom culture.

Gavin gives great effort in his classes, works to improve when needed, and helps motivate others to do their best.

Henry is extremely creative, engages in positive interactions with others, and works hard to do his best, including revisiting concepts when needed.

Callie has become a strong leader by example, works diligently on tasks, and is pleasant to be around on a daily basis.

Aubrey is a wonderful student who always gets her work done. In addition to being a star student, Aubrey has a very kind heart. She makes sure that everyone feels included and is always willing to lend a helping hand. We are glad to have her on our team!

If there's one thing we love most about Caleb on 7 Red, it's his fun personality! From questions of the day to jokes and puns, Caleb makes everyone's day brighter. He thinks win-win and is always there for his friends. He demonstrates synergy by working well with others. It's been great to have you on our team this year, Caleb!

Nate does a great job at prioritizing his responsibilities. He is involved in multiple sports, and still keeps his grades up. He is quick to help out anyone who needs help. He participates in class activities and will be quick to volunteer when a volunteer is needed. He is very kind to adults and students alike. We enjoy having him on 7 red!

Maliyah is a hard-working student who brightens up any room she walks into. She thinks win-win in all situations and continuously puts first things first. She is someone who gets along with everyone and is extremely helpful to all. 8 Red is so proud of you Maliyah!!

Talon has made tremendous strides in his classes from quarter 1 to now. He is responsible in his classes and takes initiative to do his best. Talon gets along with everyone and is a joy to have in class. Great job Talon, We are so proud of you!

Lexi is a student who works hard in every aspect of her life whether it is with sports or in school. Lexi is someone who every teacher can rely on to do what is right and exhibits all of the great qualities that a leader has. 8 Red is so proud of you Lexi!!

Jadence is someone who brightens up every room she is in. She is genuinely a kind human being to everyone she meets. She has been working so hard this year and it shows. 8 Red is so proud of you Jadence!!

Christopher has been a wonderful example of a leader. Christopher is a friendly student who consistently demonstrates positive behavior. Christopher’s integrity, empathy, and dedication influence his peers and make our school a better place. Keep up the good work Christopher. Good luck in High School.

Owen has done an amazing job this year. He has embraced each role or song with a unique flair and dedication. His journey as a performer is a masterpiece in the making, and we at CMS can't wait to see Owen continue to shine on stage and eventually on the screen. Break a leg next year in High School Owen!

Alexis, thank you for being a role model for your peers and for always striving to make a difference. Alexis always cleans up her messes and the messes of others without being asked to and without complaint. Alexis takes pride in her work and her school. Keep shining brightly Alexis, because your actions have a ripple effect that have touched the lives of everyone around you.

Drew strives to be a leader in all aspects of his life. His ability to work hard in class, work hard as an athlete, and be a role model and friend to his peers is why we chose Drew for this honor. Well done Drew!

Akeelah is an absolute joy to have in class. She has a great sense of humor, a strong work ethic, and a caring heart. She treats others with kindness and demonstrates the best traits of a leader while here at school. We are proud of you, Akeelah!

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Liz has an unwavering commitment to personal and academic excellence, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for making a difference, makes her a beacon of leadership within the walls of CMS. CMS is lucky to have Liz amongst its ranks of leaders!

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Lixia exemplifies positivity and helpfulness every single day. She is always ready to assist her peers and teachers with a cheerful attitude. Her unwavering enthusiasm makes CMS a better place! We are so proud of you, Lixia!

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