Several teachers stated that she is a blessing to have at CMS. Her wealth of knowledge on CBE has helped many other teachers. She has shared resources, been open to being observed, and taken time out of her own schedule to help others.

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Meg is a quiet leader at CMS. You can always find Meg doing what needs to be done. She is a proactive leader and assists teachers with tasks such as class attendance. Meg always has a smile on her face is polite to her teachers. Great job Meg!

Fareed has been a great addition to CMS! He brings a smile, positive attitude and proactive approach to everything he does. He shows leadership, cheers on peers, offers high fives and shares his friendship with everyone!

Carly has truly put in effort to make this year better. She displays leadership in Music class by helping other students with their projects leading to improvement for her peers and herself. Keep up the good work Carly!

Tyce has been able to embrace his inner leader during Careers class. Tyce has excelled with coding while being able to help his classmates, continually staying focused on the class task and always willing to help another student when asked. He applies his skills to a higher level in the classroom. Great work Tyce!

McKinley is a consistently hard worker in her classes who demonstrates Leader in Me habits in a quiet, yet noticeable way. She takes care of business, treats others with respect, and strives to do her best.

Melaina is a strong leader by example in her classes and always puts forth her best effort. She knows how to strike a healthy balance between work and play, treats others with kindness, and can work well independently and collaboratively.

Phoebe puts first things first in her classes, contributes in class activities and lessons, and completes high quality work. She appropriately leads others with her voice when needed as well as by example.

Jack participates well and always strives to do his very best in his classes. He has the courage to use his voice when needed and also possesses the discipline to work well and be accountable independently.

Nolan is a great asset to 7 Red. He is kind, polite, and respectful to both students and staff. Nolan stays on task, and ensures he has all his work done. He is organized, responsible, and helpful. Nolan is proactive in making sure he has all his class materials. He is not afraid to advocate for himself, and seeks help when needed. We appreciate Nolan for all his hard work!

With her kindness, patience, and willingness to help, Payten exemplifies all the best characteristics of a leader. Payten cares deeply about those around her and finds ways to ensure others feel welcome and included. She is also an excellent student, who seeks out additional learning opportunities. Payten always comes to class prepared and ready to learn. We are proud to have her on our team.

Hudson's teachers can always depend on him to come to class prepared, show kindness to others, be respectful to all, and to have a great attitude. Hudson is an all-around "great person"! His teachers and classmates are lucky to have him on 7 Red. Way to go, Hudson!

Gabby is very conscientious student who leads quietly by example on 7 Gold. She is always prepared for class by having her materials ready, she works well with others and prioritizes her time around what matters most. Her win-win attitude shows in her actions with others every day. Great job, Gabby!

Carson displays true leadership skills in PE on a daily basis. He volunteers to lead stretches and warm up exercises every single day and he does it with excitement and enthusiasm. Carson goes above and beyond by leading his classmates and adds a little extra by sprinkling on some salt and also dipping it in some cheese

We searched natural leadership through AI and we found a picture of Jocelyn Bell. No, but really, Jocelyn is active with class participation, helping others, seeking the help of others, and determined to see a job through to the completion. Jocelyn is also the first to share kind words with friends and make others laugh. Jocelyn is also great about keeping others in line.

Raymie is a put first things first kind of person! She focuses hard on her studies first and then enjoys the happy life of sharpening the saw. She finds her voice in a kind and meaningful way which is a positive influence in those around her.

Kane has shown a lot of student growth this year. He is a role model to his peers and helpful in sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Kane puts first things first by completing tasks on time. Kane has done a phenomenal job in Careers with enrichment activities. Keep being a leader Kane.

Devon has Found his Voice when he is playing and composing music. Devon is musically gifted. With that, he inspires others to use their voices as well with his enthusiasm for music. Devon is a helpful and polite student to his peers and the staff at CMS. Devon is a leader who sets an example for other students. Keep being a leader and playing music Devon.

Moises is an ideal student who shows leadership by being a role model. He consistently shows respect for both his peers and his teachers. His disposition and manners always impress us. Moises’s desire to learn and grow means he has a bright future ahead. Continue role modeling positive behaviors Moises.

Olivia is an amazing example of what a leader is. She is a hard worker and tries her best in every aspect of school. She is constantly thinking win-win and is someone that is very trustworthy and kind to all around her. Her positive attitude is contagious! 8 Red is so proud of you, Olivia!

Kahli is someone who anyone and everyone can rely on! She is a natural leader and is a perfect example of what Leader in Me stands for. She puts her best effort in everything she does whether that is her friendships, her schoolwork, or in sports. 8 Red is so proud of you, Kahli!

Bryson has been doing great! He is a hard worker in the classroom and in construction crew! He is beyond helpful and if there is something broken, we can count on Bryson to get it fixed. Bryson is very kind and we can always count on him to do the right thing. 8 Red is so proud of you, Bryson!!