weekly Star Students

J'Vahn  Star Student

J’Vahn was chosen as our Leader of the Week for exhibiting Habit 1 (Be Proactive), Habit 4 (Think win-win) & Habit 6 (Synergize). J’Vahn is kind & caring towards her friends. She offers help when they are sad. J’Vahn tries hard on all her work.

- Ms. Gentry

Jackson  Star Student

Jackson was chosen as our Leader of the Week for exhibiting Habit 1 (Be Proactive) & Habit 3 (Put first things first). Jackson does his table work first before play. He also takes care of his own coat and backpack, cleans up after lunch & play, & is becoming such a good listener.

- Mrs. Spainhour

Staff cactus award winners

Mrs. Hernandez

I chose Mrs. Hernandez as our Cactus Award Winner for being a part of so many groups and committees within our school community. Mrs. Hernandez also puts in alot of time outside of the school day to ensure students and staff have what they need to be successful.

- Mrs. Hutchinson

Miss Dwyer

I chose Ms. Gentry as our Cactus Award winner because she has done a great job learning all the ins and outs of her new position. She hit the ground running and continues to tackle her responsibilities, duties, and paperwork like a pro. Keep up the good work Carey!

- Ms. Gentry