Raive Ballinger

Raive showed kindness and respect to his community by donating clothes to a family in our school district who lost their home to a fire.

- Mrs. Rankin

Rogue Beabout

Rogue showed kindness and respect when she helped another student carry their tray when they were struggling.

- Ms. Gibbons

Josie Brown

Josie showed responsibility and kindness when she took it upon herself to clean up after her classmates at breakfast.

- Mrs. Brown


Skylar showed responsibility and kindness when she helped a friend find the bathroom.

- Mr. Mark


Brady consistently shows his peers what it looks like to be a leader. He encourages others to follow the rules too.

- Ms. Bates


Kingden showed kindness when Mrs. Brown was carrying a heavy box down the hall and he volunteered to carry it for her.

- Mrs. Brown


Quinn showed kindness and respect when he gave his sweatshirt to a classmate who was cold during P.E. on a chilly morning.

- Mr. Mac


Hadley showed kindness and responsibility when she helped a classmate clean up after their pencil box spilled over.

- Ms. Gibbons


Blaine helped a classmate clean up after their pencil box spilled over. He showed kindness and cooperation.

- Ms. Gibbons


Jaxston noticed that a classmate had left his lunch box on the table so he picked it up and returned it to the student. He was showing kindness by helping a friend.

- Ms. Jacobs


Blake synergized by helping clean up a spill in the lunch room without being asked.

- Mrs. Barker


Jenna is always following the classroom expectations and is a great role model for her peers! Way to be a transition leader!

- Mrs. Spitz


Remington put first things first when he had to stop math to pack up early. He realized that he had extra time and got back out his math to finish it, without asking!

- Ms. Bess


Ayla asked to help clean the tables at the end of the day. Ayla took initiative and helped without asking.

- Ms. Jacobs


Paeton was proactive in helping a friend with his work when he was having trouble.

- Mr. Reynolds


Georgia was proactive and stapled field trip forms for every class. Thank you, Georgia!

- Ms. Jacobs


Collin was proactive by taking initiative and choosing to be kind by working with a student who was struggling.

- Mrs. Hening