Class of 2024

Favorite memories

Senior Michaela

Having the opportunity to help with Kermit's Cove and Mark Twain.

- Michaela Jones

Senior Emilio


- Emilio Pucheta

Senior Kailee

Winning The Clash.

- Kailee Gough

Senior Daiyshown

Talking to everybody and having fun.

- Daiyshown "Daiskii" Holloway

Senior Matthew

Playing football.

- Matthew Misnen

Senior Kaydence

Meeting my friends and graduation.

- Kaydence Hayes

Senior Dylan

Spending time with all my friends and graduating.

- Dylan Roberts

Senior Cadence


- Cadence Flynn

Senior Kenny

Leaving class, going to McDonalds, and coming back.

- Kenny Merril

Senior Nate

The Olympic games.

- Nate Cutler

Senior Jeramiah

When Halsey became coach.

- Jeramiah Lobby

Senior Chet

Making it to the sweet 16.

- Chet Shrader

Senior John

The sheer chaos of musical cast parties.

- John Peterson

Senior Tommie

Going to state in football.

- Tommi Carver

Senior Patel

Learning with excitment.

- Patel Kaish

Senior Enrique

My study hall podcast.

- Enrique Rodriguez

Senior Travis

Making it to graduation.

- Travis Matthews

Senior Grant

Playing 1v1 in class.

- Grant Kattenbraker

Senior Jerztine

My Junior year.

- Jerztine Espejo

Senior Gavin

Playing 1v1 in class.

- Gavin Drake

Senior Aidan

Playing 1v1 in class.

- Aidan Burnett

Senior Francisco

My math class.

- Francisco Nicholas Domingo

Senior Andrew

Playing a lead roll in Cinderella The Musical.

- Andrew Pearson