Any club or organization existing within or affiliated with Charleston High School must be chartered, clearly defined as to purpose, and approved by the administration. Those organizations meeting the above requirements at this time are included in this handbook. Any club or organization to be formed must meet the stated requirements. The list is not intended to exclude additional activities, nor is it intended to guarantee the existence of those listed. The direction our club and activity program takes is based on student interest and involvement. If a group of students wish to establish a club, it should submit a membership list and advisor’s name to the Student Council, for chartering by the Student Council and school officials. It is the responsibility of organization sponsors to provide copies of bylaws or codes of conduct concerning expectations, rules, membership, and minimal due process prior to receiving administrative approval.


The American Field Service is a very active club at Charleston High School. Through it, students from foreign lands may come to live with Charleston families for a year of rewarding and unequaled experiences. AFS may also sponsor a student from Charleston and send that student to another country to study for a year. To raise money needed to finance these programs, the high school club works hand in hand with the adult chapter by having various moneymaking projects. Charleston AFS Chapter also sponsors an AFS Weekend and hosts an AFS tour bus group during selected summers.


Established in order to create better fellowship and understanding between students and faculty. Any Student interested in art may become a member. The Art Club meets twice a month for lectures and workshops involving different media. This is an organized body for the discussion and resolution of art problems as well as the promotion of art activities. Field trips, fundraisers, officers, floats and parties are also included in the activities. We strive for Excellence in Art.


Established in 1936 as the Sons of Troy, the C-Club is for interscholastic athletes of C.H.S. The club objective is to support and promote athletics, unity, leadership and good citizenship at C.H.S. In order to be considered for membership in C Club, a student must earn a varsity letter and be in good standing with the athletic program.


The CHS Chess Club is an opportunity for students to learn and to play chess. The Chess Club competes with other schools in I.H.S.A. competition.


The CHS Press volunteer writers' function is to produce the school newspaper. The Press is published each Saturday throughout the school year in the Charleston Times-Courier. Any student who is interested in school news writing is invited to write for the CHS Press by contacting the sponsor.


Students who are or have been enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science course are eligible to join the Family and Consumer Sciences Club. The club meets once a month.


The Flag Corps is an extension of the CHS Band. The major objectives of the FlagCorps are to promote athletics and citizenship at Charleston High School and to perform at home football and basketball games.


This is a club open to all Juniors and Seniors. Its mission is to help others in our school and community by learning about their stories, their way of living, and the world around us today.


The French Club supports the French National Honor Society, Societe Honoraire de Francais, chartered in 1992. The requirements for entry are an overall B grade point average in all subjects and an overall A- grade point average for 3 years of French. Juniors will be elected in the spring.


Future Business Leaders of America is a nationally recognized organization. The mission of FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development. Students have the opportunity to compete at local, state, and national levels in events testing their business knowledge and skills. Membership is open to all students interested in pursuing a business or business-related career.


This organization is open to students who wish to become involved with parliamentary procedures, agriculture, judging contests in a variety of agriculture related fields, and many other related opportunities that come up during the year. Emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills, responsibility and cooperation.


This is a service organization tied to Rotary International. It strives to carry out one service project per month during the school year. Interact focuses on helping people globally and to make a positive impact on the community and school. Interact members work with the Charleston Rotary Club to follow the main idea of Rotary which is service above self.


Membership is limited to those juniors and seniors having demonstrated scholastic achievement, school leadership, service, and attitudes in keeping with the ideals of the society. Students are selected based on an application and review process. As a service organization, members assist in tutoring other students. Anyone seeking this assistance should contact a counselor. Anyone desiring further information concerning the selection procedure should contact the NHS sponsor.


An active music program is maintained for vocal and instrumental students. Students who are members of the CHS band or CHS Chorus and demonstrate gifted or talented abilities are eligible to audition for participation in the music department's performing ensembles. These ensembles may include the Jazz Band, Latin Band, Show Choir, Prime Timers, and Madrigals. The Jazz Band is limited to eighteen (18) members, where the Latin Band, Show Choir, Prime Timers and Madrigals do not have a designated number for membership. Those who pass the audition for a specific ensemble secure membership in these ensembles.


The purpose of the Recorder Club is to publish the high school yearbook. The club is organized as a class known as yearbook entrepreneurship. Students interested in photography and graphic design and who possess strong communication skills make good candidates for the class. Students interested in joining the staff must apply because of limited seating. Membership is subject to sponsor's approval.


Scholastic Bowl is Charleston High School's competitive activity. Each team is comprised of five (5) members. Sponsors select these members through preliminary testing and evaluation. The matches are triangular and involve questions and answers from the academic area. Points are awarded for toss-up questions and bonus questions. Preliminary testing is open to all classes. The junior varsity team will consist of freshmen and sophomore members, but the varsity team can include students from all four classes.


The objective of El Club de Espanol is to promote leadership, cooperation and friendship through cultural and social activities. Officers are elected by members according to grade level. The officers are in charge of planning and holding meetings once each month during tutorial period. Current Spanish students are eligible to become members. The club's activities are an annual initiation party; Hispanic dances and float for the Homecoming parade; an annual Spanish Club Dinner; a spring film festival; ice skating; theater and cultural performances as available; guest speakers; an all-day spring trip; the International Christmas fiesta and caroling (in cooperation with other foreign language clubs).


The Charleston High School Siglo the Oro (Golden Age) Chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society is an organization which honors students who have maintained a minimum of 4.5 GPA during three or more years of Spanish study and have demonstrated service and appreciation for the Hispanic cultures. As a service organization, members help other Spanish students during tutorial period; jointly with Spanish Club, and award prizes to 4th year students each spring.


Speech and Drama Team is an I.H.S.A. interscholastic competitive activity, which focuses on improving the acting and public speaking skills of C.H.S. students. The majority of the competition season focuses on tournaments offering 13 individual events, including comic and dramatic acting, comic and dramatic interpretation, public speaking, original comedy, radio broadcasting, and impromptu speaking. Furthermore, the Speech Drama Team competes in two I.H.S.A group activities in the spring -- Group Interpretation Drama (Contest Play). Throughout the season, the Speech and Drama Team also sponsors a number of variety shows, which include many other talented individuals and groups. In addition, the Speech and Drama Team does many social and enrichment activities. Students may earn varsity and junior varsity letters/awards, as well as other team awards for excellence.


The purpose of student council is to open a line of communication among the student, faculty, and administration and to promote the general welfare of the entire student body of Charleston High School. Representatives are elected at large according to grade level at a ratio of one representative per forty class members. Representatives are elected each spring for the following academic year. The officers are elected by the council before the general election. The student council is involved in such activities as the following: Homecoming, Christmas activities, students' rights and responsibilities, Student Advisory Committee, and many others.


Trojan News is a club dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to pursue their interests in video broadcasting and to participate in producing a monthly news broadcast that is published on the Charleston High School homepage and aired on WEIU's Your Channel 13, an affiliate of Consolidated Communications. All CHS high school students in good standing may join the club. The club normally meets twice a week after school. Students who join will develop important life skills, make lasting friendships, and enhance their college and employment resumes. There are numerous scholarships, grants, internships, and contests available to members. Club members also have opportunities to travel to workshops, conferences and conventions to learn more about video broadcasting and to meet students from other schools around the nation with like interests.