Career & Technical Education (CTE)

The Career & Technical Education department at CHS includes staff members in the areas of agriculture, industrial technology, art, business, technology, media, and family and consumer science. CHS offers many opportunities for students to learn college and/or career-ready skills within the community.

CHS Industries is a school-based enterprise, consisting of multiple subsidiaries, created to provide more opportunities for students to learn and develop career-specific skills while creating, marketing, and selling student-made products and services to the CHS students, faculty, and community. Subsidiaries include Trojan Build Center, Trojan Brew, Trojan Design Center, Trojan Detailing Center, and the Trojan Greenhouse.

Our Workplace Experience Program, Internship, is expanding, and it is our hope that every CHS student, prior to graduating, will have gained valuable work experience.

CTE Specialist

Angie Niebrugge

(217) 639-5118


Ben Oakley

(217) 639-5113

Emmalyn Walk

(217) 639-5113

Industrial Tech

Mark Williams

(217) 639-5114


Heather Siegel

(217) 639-5033


Terrika Marucco

(217) 639-5071

Manolo Concepcion

(217) 639-5072

Media Specialist

Kristin Runyon

(217) 639-5012

Family & Consumer Science

Danielle Pendergast-White

(217) 639-5044

Suzanne Schubert

(217) 639-5044/5060