• Order online from Jostens or call their customer service at (800) 563-7603.

  • Order forms are also available in the CHS main office or from Mr. Cohoon in Room 310.

Keep in mind that the current year's recorder will not be completed and shipped out until sometime during the fall of the following school year. We continue to work on yearbooks throughout the entire school year to be sure we include the full year's events (i.e. spring sports, prom, graduation, etc.).

Looking to purchase a yearbook from a previous year at CHS? We usually order plenty of extra copies each year to ensure everyone interested in purchasing one will be able to get one. In addition, we still have lots of extra yearbooks from previous years still available for purchase, even going back 20+ years! Depending on how old it is and how many copies are still available, it can sometimes even be offered at a majorly discounted price. Contact Mr. Cohoon for more details! 

Rick Cohoon, Yearbook Advisor

(217) 639-5077