4/8/24 CHS Announcements

SAT rosters are placed outside of the Lecture Hall, PSAT 10 rosters are outside of Baker Gym, and PSAT 8/9 rosters are outside of the office. Please check your room location for Tuesday April 9th. Reminder you will also need a charged laptop on this day!  Seniors, this will be the last day to turn in your forms for "Take Your Student Work day".

Freshman Trojan Up Level students: we are taking our 3rd quarter incentive trip on Friday April 12th to the EIU bowling alley. You will miss 1st through 5th hour on this day. Please check in with your teachers to get the work you will miss. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Brimner. 

The Media Center will be closed today. Study Hall students will remain in the lecture room. Students will not be able to retrieve printed materials so they should make arrangements to submit assignments electronically. And tech issues can be addressed only during 5th and 7th hours; you will find the tech interns in the main office.

The entire process of the eclipse will occur from 12:46 to 3:22 pm in Charleston.  Students will be taken out with glasses from 1:50 pm to 2:10p with their 5th period class. Students will return and head to their 7th hour by 2:15 pm.

Due to state testing, Trojan Brew will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Please come out to see us Thursday or Friday.

This is a reminder that all interns for next school year are scheduled to meet with Mrs. Niebrugge either today or Thursday during WIN A or WIN B. Please refer to the schedule that was emailed to you or check the dates/times posted in the media center and outside of Trojan Brew for your scheduled time. If you cannot make your scheduled meeting date or time, please attend one of the other meetings. If you have a WIN, you must be cleared with your WIN teacher prior to attending.

Here are a couple fun facts about the eclipse:

The Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligning, with you standing in the shadow of the Moon, in just the right place, and at the right time, to experience it!

The next total solar eclipse that is visible in the U.S. will happen in August 2044 and is only visible in a small corner of Montana and North Dakota