CMS students hard at it today. Great job, students!!!!
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Re-Opening of School Progress Update for Week 4:
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update week 4
Want to know what to expect when riding the bus? Check out Illinois Central's re-opening plan.
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Bus re-opening plan
October 14th-16th We will not be conducting live Teams meetings over the next three days. Students are encouraged to utilize those days to complete missing assignments. Students are encouraged to reach out to their teachers with any questions. Seniors will be taking the SAT tomorrow. District parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for this Thursday and Friday. CHS does not schedule parent-teacher conferences on these days specifically, but rather throughout the year on an as-needed basis.
almost 4 years ago, Lock, Aaron
Re-Opening of School Progress Update for Week 3:
almost 4 years ago, Holly, Kristen
update week 3
Re-Opening Update The district’s Re-Opening Planning Team met on Wednesday, October 7 to review current practices, preview planned practices and re-opening plans, and consider other ideas and logistics for safely re-opening schools for in-person instruction. Highlights from the team’s discussion include: 1. The incremental increase of on-site learning opportunities for students has been successful. We plan to continue these efforts between now and November 4. 2. The group discussed the idea of a “soft opening” following a hybrid or half-time schedule during the week of October 26th. Advantages, disadvantages and related logistics were shared by members of the team. As a result, district officials have determined that such soft opening options will no longer be explored. 3. The district still currently plans to re-open for all students on November 4th with a remote learning option available. All students who intend to return to in-person instruction will return on November 4th following a daily early dismissal schedule. This plan is pending any order from the Governor’s Office, Illinois State Board of Education or health department guidance. 4. Families should realize that returning to in-person instruction may still require periods of remote learning. Remote learning may be required when/if a mandatory quarantine is issued for individual students, groups of students, classes, school, or district, or if adequate supervision is not available for students due to staff quarantine/illness. We urge families to continue to keep childcare options available for these circumstances.
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Substitute Recruiting
Charleston Principals are Number One!
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Re-Opening of School Progress Update for Week 2:
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update week 2
In our continued efforts to keep our school community more informed about our tentative plans to reopen schools for in-person instruction next month, we have created a new page on the district website to share more up-to-date information with our CUSD1 families:
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Coles County Cares letter to our community:
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Coles County Cares
Calling all Substitutes! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming part of the CUSD#1 family as a substitute, we are hoping to add a few more subs to our team before returning to in-person learning.
almost 4 years ago, CUSD1
Substitute Teachers Needed
We are actively preparing for the return to in-person instruction beginning on November 4, 2020, unless there is an order from the Illinois State Board of Education and/or the Governor's Office or there is an emergency school closing made in consultation with, or at the direction of the local health department, emergency management agencies, and Regional Office of Education. Families will have the choice to 1) send students to school for in-person instruction (using the daily early dismissal schedule) following required safety guidelines OR 2) continue to participate in remote learning. In order to adequately plan, we ask that you complete the attached form with your preference. Please read the attached form for more information. All families must complete one form for each child, by October 5th. If you need more information about district or school re-opening plans or tasks, please visit our district website or call your child's school. Form link: Thank you for taking the time to provide us with important information, as we plan for the best ways to support your child(ren)'s education.
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People’s Bank & Trust recently donated $5,000 to Charleston CUSD #1 in support of its schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pictured from Left to Right are: Kacie Rankin, Consumer Banking Officer at Peoples Bank and Trust; Kristen Holly, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction; Dr. Todd Vilardo, Superintendent; Chad Burgett, Asst. Superintendent for Business Services; Kathleen Anderson, AVP and Branch Manager at Peoples Bank and Trust Thank you, People’s Bank & Trust for your support!
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People's Bank Donation
We will post weekly updates on the status of tasks related to the return of in-person instruction in November. The first week's update is posted here. If you have any questions, please contact your child's school for more information.
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update week 1
Coles County Health Department Press Release:
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Flu Shot
Thank you to district administrators, staff, and Illinois Central bus drivers, attendants and staff for their efforts in distributing over 500 meals to district families every Monday and Thursday. If you have questions or would like to request to have meals provided, please call 217-549-0276.
almost 4 years ago, Schmitz, Abbie
CMS Principal, Mr. Lynn, CHS Dean, Mr. Zerrusen, Carl Sandburg Assistant Principal, Ms. Schmitz and CHS Assistant Principal, Mr. Wood help load busses.
Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Burgett and Jefferson Assistant Principal, Mr. Marlo help load busses.
If you are experiencing connection issues on your school device, try disabling global protect. Directions here:
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We are aware of the connection issues this morning and are looking into the problem. Thank you for your continued patience.
almost 4 years ago, Educational Technology Department
Thank you to everyone who participated in Wednesday evening's Special Meeting of the Board. From investing time to write, call, attend or listen, your input and engagement is valuable in helping us bring our school community's collective best for our youth. Few like remote learning; most want our kids in school; everybody is making sacrifices. Staying positive with and supporting each other, we will get through this together.
almost 4 years ago, Todd J. Vilardo