Schmitz, Abbie

Schmitz, Abbie , 1 day ago

Thank you to district administrators, staff, and Illinois Central bus drivers, attendants and staff for their efforts in distributing over 500 meals to district families every Monday and Thursday. If you have questions or would like to request to have meals provided, please call 217-549-0276.

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Pantle, Holly

Pantle, Holly , 1 day ago

If you are experiencing connection issues on your school device, try disabling global protect. Directions here:

Educational Technology Department

Educational Technology Department , 1 day ago

We are aware of the connection issues this morning and are looking into the problem. Thank you for your continued patience.

Todd J. Vilardo

Todd J. Vilardo , 1 day ago

Thank you to everyone who participated in Wednesday evening's Special Meeting of the Board. From investing time to write, call, attend or listen, your input and engagement is valuable in helping us bring our school community's collective best for our youth. Few like remote learning; most want our kids in school; everybody is making sacrifices. Staying positive with and supporting each other, we will get through this together.

Strong, Jean Ann

Strong, Jean Ann , 2 days ago
EIU Homecoming Coloring Page & Family Fun Scavenger Hunt

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Letter from Teen Reach to CUSD1 Families

*The resource guides mentioned in letter above are available on our website under Menu/District Information/Services and Organizations.

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