Each student receives a district-issued laptop. In the lower grade levels, these devices are typically kept in the classroom, whereas middle school and high school students take their devices to and from school each day.

Visit our Technology Troubleshooting page for questions about student laptops and educational technology utilized by CUSD#1, including Skyward, Clever, Empower, Microsoft 365. Please call our e-learning help line for more information (217) 639-1035. If your student's device is not working properly, please report it to their teacher, who can submit a trouble ticket with our Technology Department.

Please read our Acceptable Use Procedure (AUP) for Access to the District’s Electronic Networks (Board Policy 6:235-AP1).

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Skyward is our Student Information System (SIS). Through Skyward, parents can check attendance, schedules, fees, lunch balances, grades, report cards, etc. Skyward can be accessed through a website or using the Skyward Mobile Access app. Please review this short guide for more information on using Skyward. If you need assistance with your Skyward password, please contact 639-1035 or send us a message

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Empower is our Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers can use Empower to push out assignments and quizzes to students. Students and parents can use Empower to track their progress toward learning targets. For more information, please view our Empower tutorial page. If you need assistance with your Empower password, please contact 639-1035, or send us a message.

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Clever is a software program that allows our district to sync Skyward rosters to multiple online applications. This allows for single sign-on, so a student can simply click on an app icon and go straight to the program without having to login with a username and password.

Teachers can create their own pages to organize and share other digital resources with students. The messaging center also provides a way to communicate with students and guardians.  Parents should contact their child's teacher for assistance with their guardian access to Clever.




410 W. Polk Ave., Charleston, IL 61920 MAP

Phone: (217) 639-1000

Hours: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm M-F

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  • CORD - Community Online Resource Directory provided by Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

  • EIASE - Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education