1948 logo


Originally created in 1867 as the Charleston Union School District, Charleston Community Unit School District No. 1 was established in 1948 from all or parts of 63 surrounding school districts. Today, our school district is made up of six attendance centers – all with diverse programs, audiences, and voices among its 237 square mile coverage area. Yet, we are one: one school district, in one community, with one shared interest – our youth and their successes.

As such, to help us communicate our goals and achievements with one, unified voice and in ways that are easily recognized and understood by our school community, a renewed visual identity is developing. During the summer and fall months of 2019, district personnel worked with a local freelance graphic designer to update the district’s logo and establish guidelines for our school community to support a unified identity. Resulting from this work, district employees, parent organizations, booster clubs, and vendors can use this style guide for electronic, print, and media communications to ensure consistency of logos, colors, and fonts that support a unified image for our district.

Official Logo Details

Before publishing materials or creating products with a school district’s logo, a company needs assurance from the district that they do not need the consent or permission of anyone else in order to use the district’s name, logo, likeness, images, trademarks, and/or copyrighted materials. To provide this assurance, our logo was designed solely for our school district. It is an original design, and our district has official permission to claim its copyright.

trojan logo

The Charleston CUSD#1 logo consists of the “mark” and the “logo type.”

mark and logo type

The “mark” and “logo type” can be used independently or rearranged into various formats;
however, they should not otherwise be modified (i.e. distorted, stretched). 

ful mark and logo type

circle logo blue

circle logo gold

circle logo gold red

circle logo red

trojan full logo name

submark black

submark full color

trojan black

Official Colors and Typeface

Our district’s official colors and typeface can be utilized to create a variety of images that both align with the district’s identity and are visually pleasing on an array of backgrounds (e.g., uniforms, programs, etc.).

official colors

official fonts

charleston trojans

charleston trojans

charleston trojans

charleston trojans

charleston trojans

charleston trojans

charleston trojans