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One More Angel in Heaven

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

By: Mackenzie Forth  

The Charleston High school musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” will be presented in the Swickard Auditorium starting this Thursday, April 18th, at 7 pm. Other showtimes to view it will be April 19th at 7 pm, and April 20th at 1 pm and 7 pm. You can buy tickets at  

The cast and crew are all excited about this production and hope to see many people there viewing it. Aiden Caugheran, who plays Joseph, said that his favorite part about the musical is “that I get to constantly be around people that I get to have fun and share the experience with.” 

One of the two narrators Elaina Sutula said that her favorite part of the show is “basically all of it because I get to sing with my friends.” The second narrator Meredith McGrath said that her favorite part is “just being able to interact with the audience and being able to tell the story in a fun and interactive way.” 

The Stage manager Alyssa Johnson said that her favorite part is “continuing to help lead and doing what I can to help the musical be the best it can be.” Assistant stage manager Kenna Campbell also shared a similar view saying that “working with the cast and getting to know more people while helping the musical run.” 

Lucas Neal who plays Simeon, Autumn Carson who plays Naphtali, and Elliot Bennett who plays Jacob, all said that their favorite part about this musical was dancing! 

This is both Autumn’s and Elliot’s first time being a part of the cast in a musical, as they were a part of the crew before. They both said that the transition from crew to cast was a little scary but also very fun to experience. 

Everyone is really excited about this musical so make sure to get your tickets if you haven't yet because they are selling fast! To get tickets go to Showtimes will be April 18th at 7 pm, April 19th at 7 pm, and April 20th at 1 pm and 7 pm.  

  Chess Club Shutting Down for the Rest of the Year 
By Alex Morgan 

 The CHS Chess Club is a great place to hang out or get some alone time with your homework, and a great opportunity to learn something new and pick up a new skill. Or at least, it was. When the Chess Club moved to the rebuilt part of the school with Mr. Manolo, who hosted the Chess Club, many of the participants lost interest in it.

What is believed to be the reason so much attention was drawn from the Chess Club is the new location and how far it is from the old location. The old location was much easier to find, as it was closer to most of the classrooms, making the commute much easier as well. With the new location, the participants didn’t feel like walking from 8th period to the Chess Club, as they believed it would be a small commitment, not something they would walk so far for.  
Another reason that is believed to be one of the causes of the Chess Club temporarily shutting down is other extracurriculars in CHS. Chess Club, like other extracurriculars, needs people to participate in it to be successful. But as not a lot of people here at CHS play chess, not a lot of people show up to play. Mind you that the Chess Club must compete with Esports, football, track, and other things. Since people will be more familiar with video games than chess, they will be drawn more to Esports.

As the participants of the Chess Club stopped appearing, Mr. Manolo talked with the small number of participants that did arrive that day. Eventually, he concluded that he would be deactivating the Chess Club for the rest of the semester. One could find it a bit sad that something that started so successfully ended in it being deserted. The ex-participants of the Chess Club agree with each other that they have other plans, making it difficult to show up. It isn’t their fault, as they have other passions besides chess, they just want to make time for something that they would more likely do in the future.  
The interest in chess is dropping dramatically, and the shutdown of the Chess Club is a good example of it. Next year, it could actually compete with the other extracurriculars if everything is done right, and people start showing interest again. If you’re bored and need something to do, maybe install a chess app on your phone, and maybe even get lessons if you have plans to become skilled at the game. 

Softball Picture

Lady Trojans Sweep Mattoon 

By Heighden Fairley 

Last Saturday the Trojan’s visited the Roundhouse to faceoff against the Lady Waves in a doubleheader.  The victorious streak stays alive with the 9th consecutive win since 2021! An amazing way to enter the Apollo Conference play with a 2-0 record. 

This game was very important to the Mattoon and Charleston communities not only because of the historic rivalry or conference play, but because of a senior at MHS that tragically lost his battle to cancer. In between games an emotional speech was given as the Lady Trojans and Lady Waves stood together. A check was presented to the mourning family to help with expenses. An incredibly sad moment was shared before continuing the double header. 

The energy was soaring during the first game. Addison Shrader pitched a great game with sharp defense behind her. After Addison’s two run shot in the first inning the momentum was high. A wonderful day of hitting for the Trojans with a 15-4 score. 

The second game was full of offense! The trojans put up a hearty four-run lead in the first inning. Defense from both teams was sharp, so  it came down to a bat battle . Aubrey Cross pitched another successful game securing a 11-9 victory.  

After an exciting Saturday morning, the Lady Trojans will visit Urbana on Monday to continue their undefeated win streak. There is a home game this Wednesday at Karch Field at 4:30 against St. Anthony. Show up and be loud! 

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Casimir Pulaski

March Commemorative Holidays! 

Heighden Fairley 

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday celebrated in numerous countries on March 17th. The holiday originated in 1631 at a feast in Ireland, honoring St. Patrick for bringing Christianity to Ireland. He died around the fifth century and became the Saint of Ireland. The modern holiday came about twelve centuries later. This holiday began as a Catholic religion; however, it is now more of a secular holiday. 

In the US. there are many ways we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, leprechauns, shamrocks, and green are commonly recognized traditions. Some families host a feast or a cookout to celebrate where everybody wears green. Two of the largest celebrations in the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day is the parade in Philadelphia, which has been held since 1771, and the parade in New York that is over thirty blocks along Manhattans Fifth Avenue. 

CHS English Teacher Ms. Rice has a special connection to St. Patrick’s Day because her mother was born and raised in Ireland. This year Ms. Rice is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland for the first time in twenty years. She says that the traditions do not differ they are just stronger and more potent. Every city has a parade, and everybody wears green. Ms. Rice’s family will celebrate by eating corn beef and cabbage. This is a large family event, thirty plus cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is an exciting time for Ms. Rice and her family. 

Earlier this month the state of Illinois celebrated Casmir Pulaski Day. Pulaski was a Polish nobleman, soldier, and military commander. Casmir Pulaski Day was celebrated on March 6th 2024. Illinois recognizes this as a holiday because of the large Polish population around Chicago. Pulaski died fighting for America’s freedom. He is known as “The Father of the American Cavalry”. There are a number of other ways Casmir Pulaski is celebrated around the US. Such as parades and dinner feasts. In Chicago, the Polish Museum of America will host a celebration with many government officials as well as Polonian organizations and institutions in attendance.  

For more information on lesser-known holidays checkout

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Jessica Hoh swimming

CHS Athletes Sign to Play at EIU 

By Heighden Fairley 

Two CHS student athletes just signed D1 at EIU! Jessica Hoh and Aidan Archibald have achieved many goals throughout their four seasons and will continue to grow as they move onto the next level! Great things coming for both athletes. 

Jessica Hoh 

Jessica is signing D1 for swim at EIU. Among her other offers EIU was an easy choice for her because of how close it was to her home and family. She plans on majoring in elementary education. She says one word to sum up her senior season is extreme. Jessica is most inspired by her older brother Josh, she says she wouldn’t be who she is today without him. In ten years she sees herself teaching, helping kids grow up, and out of Illinois.  

Jessica’s coach, Coach Doughty says, "It has been so fun to watch Jessica grow as a swimmer from her time at CSC Penguins all the way to CHS Girls Swimming and to have a front seat to see how much she has accomplished. I know that she will continue to grow as an athlete and student during her time at EIU!" 

  Jessica says, “I want to be remembered for my hard work and consistency not only as an athlete, but also in my work and personal life.” 

Aidan Archibald 

Aidan is signing D1 for football at EIU. Aidan had other offers but chose to go to EIU so he could stay close to his family. He plans on majoring in business. He says one word to sum up his senior season would be business. His favorite highlights from his previous seasons were winning in overtime versus Freeburg, going to super sectionals for baseball his freshman year, and upsetting Mount Zion his junior year. Aidan says an athlete that inspires him is JJ Watt because aside from being one of the best of all time, he's an amazing person. In ten years Aidan sees himself graduating college and becoming a real estate agent.  

Aidan’s coach, Coach Halsey says, “Aidan was an excellent captain/team leader for us. He led by example on the field and in the classroom, a true student-athlete. He put up some great stats for us while playing the 2nd half of the season dinged up. EIU Football is getting a smart, tough, hard-working player. I think they will quickly see that he has an impressive work ethic and will push himself immediately to contribute for the Panthers. I hate that I only had the pleasure of coaching him, as well as our other seniors, for just 1 season. I look forward to watching him continue his playing career and grow as a college athlete.” Aidan wants the team to be remembered as one of the best teams ever. 

CUSD1 is incredibly proud of their athletes! Their work ethics and determination have made them the players they are today. Good luck to both athletes and wishing them a successful future. 

International concert program

International Concert on February 29th 

By Ally Gonzalez

Every year, the CHS music department holds an International concert. This concert includes music from all different parts of the world, played and sung by the choirs and band, and speeches made by Rotary Exchange students. The concert is at 7pm on Thursday, February 29th in the CHS Swickard Auditorium. It is free and open to the public. 

A few of the songs that are being performed this year include a piece called “Tres Cantos Nativos dos Indios Krao” by Marcos Leite. This piece originates from Brazil and is a cluster of three songs, including choreography. Another song being performed is a Spanish march called “Amparito Roca”, which translated means, “The Sheltered Cliff.”  

One of our speakers, MJ Lehwald, is a Rotary Exchange student from Germany. She shared a part of how her life has been here: 

“During this year, I achieved self-confidence because of people who have become my friends, and I am really grateful to be in America just because I have the opportunity to try new things because in Germany, I would not have the chance to do it, because my school and my future is the center of my life there.”  

Our next concert is the Celebration of the Arts concert on March 12th, featuring the band, choirs, and Maximum Forte. Come out and see the International concert and the Celebration of the Arts concert to support the CHS music department! 

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Seating area in the library with textbook room in the back

Newly Remodeled Library

By Jackson Simmons 

Having access to the newly remodeled Nell Wiseman Media Center was a great way to start off the second semester. This new space offers two remodeled classrooms, Trojan Brew, and an abundance of new furniture like bookshelves, chairs, tables, and comfortable seating. 

  The library is divided into five spaces such as: collaborate, create, research, read, and relax. These areas help make the media center a conveniently productive space. Renovations were paid for in part from the 1% sales tax money.  

Freshman Autumn Carson says, “Everyone can find a place and fit in at any table,” which goes to show how friendly the environment is. In the morning and during lunch you can always find many students lounging and reaping the benefits of the comfortable seating.  

Trojan Brew opened on February 6th. Trojan Brew is a student run coffee shop that is open 7:45-8:30 am, Tuesday through Friday. They have a large menu with many drink options, and the students enjoy the variety. There’s a special seating area with booths and tables for the drinks to be enjoyed before class begins. 

Room 292 hosts journalism, digital photography, and yearbook. This classroom contains all the desktop computers for editing photos and videos needed by those classes. It is a great place to be creative whether you're writing an article or designing a page in the 23-24 yearbook. 

Room 291 hosts various business classes, such as marketing, programming, and consumer education. Having a specific classroom for these subjects really helps keep focus and makes a great learning environment. 

Along with the Media Center being remodeled, there is also a soon-to-be-finished renovation of the 400 wing. This is most of the English and Social Studies classes. As for right now English and Social Studies classes that were in the cafeteria are now in the library or using an alternative classroom, until all renovations are finished. 

The librarian Mrs. Runyon says, “I’m proud about how it turned out and happy to made a number of the choices, and I’m excited to enjoy it for my last few months at Charleston High School.” 

Senior boy basket ball players

Boys Basketball Senior Night 

By MJ Lehwald   

Now also the CHS Senior Basketball Boys follow. Tomorrow, February 15, 2024, Brett Spour, Langdon King, Adam Rudibaugh, Luke Nelson and Ty Campell will celebrate their Senior Night.   


After four years of high school, they look to the future and say goodbye to their time here at CHS.   


Brett Spour ,6’0 forwad , is playing Basketball since 3rd grade. Probably his absolute favorite moment was when he made it with his team in the 7th grade to the Sectionals. His passion was already established when He was a little boy. Besides basketball, Brett plays baseball and football. After successfully completing his degree, Brett pursued his academic career at Lake Land College before graduating with a business degree at EIU.     


With 6’2, Adam Rudibaugh dominates the field in his position as point guard. He's been playing basketball since 3rd grade. Probably his best memory was coming back to CHS in his senior year and spending his final year as a high school basketball player with the boys he grew up with. In addition to basketball, Adam plays tennis. After graduating from CHS he liked to go to Lake Land College to become an X-ray technician.    


As a power forward with 6’3, Langdon King dominates the field. Ever since he was a child, he has been playing basketball as a sport. In addition to basketball, he plays baseball, football and track. The reason he started playing basketball is that he loves that feeling of team spirit and winning, but also that he can experience it all with his team members and friends. For his future he plans to play D1 football at college level, but Langdon has not decided yet.   

With 6'5, Ty Campell also dominates the field in his position as center. Ty has been playing basketball for two years and during that time he remembered a special moment when he made his chasedown block against Champaign Central. The reason he decided to play basketball was because of his size, because with his 6'5 Ty Campell is really not small. After graduating from CHS, he wanted to study at EIU Physical Education. 

Luke Nelson plays as a center and a power forward. With his height of 6'3, these positions are more than advantageous for him. Luke played from 1st grade to 8th grade. Then he had given basketball a break and decided to come back for his senior year. His favorite basketball memory was this season when the entire basketball team went to the State Farm Center in Champaign to watch the game Illinois vs. Valparaiso. The person who introduced him to the sport was his brother, who was already playing basketball at the time and gave Luke the idea to play the sport. Besides basketball, Luke plays football and is considering joining the track team. For his future he is going to Lakeland with the major in business administration. 


CHS hopes that the boys will look back on their years at the CHS and have taken with them good memories and experiences from that time. CHS wishes them all the best on their journey into the future. 

Kari Deadman

Meet Kari Deadmond  

By MJ Lewhald 

Charleston, Illinois - Since January 2024, Charleston High School (CHS) has a new secretary, Kari Deadmond, who not only contributes her organizational skills, but also has a fascinating background story. 


Originally, Mrs. Deadmond studied marine biology and specialized in the exploration of dolphins. She also worked in home daycare at the beginning of COVID 2020 before she accepted the position at CHS. 


But in June 2023, Kari moved to Charleston with her family when her husband, Brian Deadmond, accepted the position of athletic director at CHS. For Mrs. Deadmond, it was an opportunity to be close to her family and at the same time use her organizational skills. She decided to work as a secretary at CHS and has since been a valuable support for teachers, students and parents. 


As a mother of three children, she skillfully juggles between her professional responsibility and her family. Since she has three boys, she hopes for a granddaughter later. Working in the same school as her husband,  allows them to share their passion for education and sport. The Deadmond family has become an important pillar of the CHS community. 


In addition to work and family, she loves to travel and preferably to Italy. One thing she would like to change about travel whould be it’s  affordabilty for everyone and for travel to get easier. 


Mrs. Deadmond is grateful to be part of the CHS family and is always ready to help others. 



Picture of full cast, choreographers, stage director, and stage managers

CHS Musical: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

By: Mackenzie Forth 

The musical this year, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is based on the Bible’s Book of Genesis. It tells the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob and one of twelve brothers, and his coat of many colors. Written in 1968 by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, it is a great family friendly retelling of Joseph, familiar themes, and catchy music such as “Song of the King” as Elvis-themed rock and roll; “One More Angel in Heaven” as country/western music; and “Joseph’s Dreams” as jazz. This has caused the musical to be immensely popular with multiple stagings worldwide.  

The show dates and times to come see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat are April 18th (7pm), April 19th (7 pm), April 20th (1pm), and April 20th (7pm). Congratulations to the cast and good luck with the musical! 

Narrators- Meredith McGrath and Elaina Sutula 

Joseph- Aiden Caughran 

Pharoah- Seth Anderson (Brock Hanner as cover) 

Simeon- Lucas Neal 

Judah (Joseph Cover)- Dylan Hawk 

Reuben- Michael Morris 

Dan/Potiphar- Andrew Pearson 

Naphtali- Autumn Carson 

Gad- Brock Hanner 

Asher- Lois Baker 

Issachar- Jackson Simmons 

Zebulun- Noah Hardwick 

Levi- Abrielle Groff 

Benjamin- Jonathan Brown 

Jacob- Elliot Bennett 

Mrs. Potiphar- MJ Lehwald 

Baker- Danner Van Hise 

Butler- Abby Metzger 

The Wives- Mia Carcasi, Ally Gonzalez, Kaylin Hawk, Emma Karbassioon, Josie Wehrle, Taryn Cole, MJ Lehwald, Jacey Smith, and Abby Metzger 

The Teachers- Kei Webber and Sabrina White 

Ensemble- Abrielle Groff, Ella Kenner, Mya Madlem, Peyton Walker, Nathaniel Cutler, Elijah Jones, Danner Van Hise, Madi Entrican, and Zoey Smyser. 

Children’s Chorus- Paola Carrillo, Molly Neal-Hecksel, Miah Norman, Delilah Osborn, Alexander Sharp, Elena Ammon, Evie von Kamp, Rose von Kamp, Milo Hanner, Chloe Brown, Grace Beurskens, Anslee Stone, Maddie Wilson, Lorelei Williams, Edy Laingen, Benjamin Warren, Liam Karbassioon, Meara Hocutt, and Molly Pope 

Jacob’s Wife- Mya Madlem 

Ishmaelites- Nathaniel Cutler and Peyton Walker 

Camel- Ella Kenner and Zoey Smyser 

Snake and Snake Charmer- Josie Wehrle and Mya Madlem 

One More Angel Wife Soloist- Kaylin Hawk 

Potiphar Quartet- Taryn Cole, Mia Carcasi, Emma Karbassioon, and Ally Gonzalez 

Potiphar’s Servants- Jackson Simmons, Brock Hanner, Jonathan Brown, and Noah Hardwick 

Tango Wife- MJ Lehwald 

Close Every Door Octet- Josie Wehrle, Kaylin Hawk, Abrielle Groff, Lois Baker, Lucas Neal, Michael Morris, Dylan Hawk, and Autumn Carson 

Production Details: 

Music Director- Juliane Sharp 

Stage Director- Scott Brooks 

Pit Orchestra Conductor- John Wengerski 

Choreographers- Antione Thomas and Krishna Thomas 

Stage Managers- Alyssa Johnson 

Assistant Stage Manager- Kenna Cambell 

Build/Run Crew Chiefs- Ayden Gossett and Alaiyah Tyler-Nelson 

Costume Crew Chief- Honor Brown 

Hair and Makeup Crew Chief- Remi Davis 

Props Crew Chief- Kei Webber and Anaya Douglas 

Lighting Crew Chiefs- Autumn Carson and Andrew Pearson 

Sound Crew Chiefs- Elliot Bennett and Seth Helmuth 

Publicity Crew Chiefs- Abby Metzger and Trixie Brantley 

House Manager- Sydney Willenborg 

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Picture of senior girls basketball players

Girls Basketball Senior Night  

 By MJ Lehwald 

The winter sport season is coming to an end and thus the Senior Night for the senior girls of the CHS Basketball Team is approaching. This year Ally Logsdon, MJ Lehwald and Cadence Flynn say goodbye to their high school basketball days.   

Four years of high school basketball is a long time to experience a lot.     

With a height of 5’9”, Ally Logsdon is definitely not tiny. Since she was a little child she has been playing basketball as a sport. The reason she started playing basketball was her father, who also played basketball. Ally taught herself, her basketball skills as a little child and sometimes her father helped her develop her basketball skills. From then on, she dominated the field in the position of point guard and forward. But every sport has its special moments and for Ally it was definitely when she got the chance to play with her sisters on the high school basketball team in her sophomore year.   


In addition to basketball, Ally also plays varsity soccer at the CHS.  

After graduating from high school, she wants to go to Lake Land and take all her general education classes, as well as a specialty course in welding.   


As you can see, Ally is looking into the future and looking forward to what's coming to her.   


At 6’ MJ Lehwald is the tallest in the team, but tall is not everything. The exchange student from Germany came to CHS in th fall and decided to join the girls’ basketball team in October. What got her to play was her friends here at CHS. With not much  experience and insecurity, she tried to understand the sport and improve herself.   


In her position at post, she has learned to play aggressively and act strategically at the same time. In recent games, she improved rapidly and scored her first points. This was also her favorite moment when she scored her first point. People loudy cheered her on.  In addition to basketball, MJ decided to join the musical and pursue her true passion, dancing.   


As soon as MJ is back in Germany, she will finish her school and then attend a university in Hamburg, Germany where she will study communication sciences and business management.   


We hope that one day MJ will look back on her days here at CHS and remember what she experienced and learned here for life. 


Cadence Flynn is the shortest in the team with a height of 5’2”, but she has a big impact as the loudest player always encouraging everyone.   Ever since she was little she has dreamed of playing basketball and has grown up with this dream. She just wanted to give it a try and kept playing because she loves it. She has been playing basketball for 3 years.   


Every athlete has their special moments and for Cadence it was when she made her first foul. In this season she also got the opportunity to score 3 free throws.  

For her future, Cadence plans to pursue her nursing degree at her desired college.   

CHS hopes that Cadence will find her way and maybe remember her days at the CHS. 


CHS hopes the best for the future of those three girls and that they achieve their dreams.  

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University of Rostock, Germany

German School system  

 By MJ Lehwald  

Every country in the world has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its habits and traditions. But probably one of the biggest and most controversial issues is school education. Every country has different resources and unfortunately many countries do not have the privilege of having a good school system, even if they would like to. 


The question “To what extent does the school system in other countries differ from the school system in the United States?” Is one of the most frequently asked questions to exchange students, simply because they can best explain what things are like in their country. 

  The German school system is based on independence and pressure to perform; early on in Germany, a distinction is made between different performance levels. The German school system provides for 12 years of school, but some people do not attend all of this. 


In Germany it is decided after the 6th grade which school level you will attend. There are comprehensive schools that run from the 7th - 10th grade and sometimes from the 7th - 12th grade. But there is also the gymnasium, which also runs from 7th to 12th grade. However, there is a difference. At comprehensive schools you can choose which of your subjects should be at high school level, which means that these subjects are assessed more strictly and the learning material is more demanding. At the gymnasium, all subjects are assessed at a high level of performance. 


It is also possible to end your school career after the 9th grade in order to start an apprenticeship or training, as some young people no longer see any point in studying for tests or the like. We call this qualification a “Hauptschulabschluss”, but it must be said that not many people decide to do this as most are just 15/16 years old. 


One of the most common qualifications is the “Realschulabschluss”, which students get after they finish 10th grade. Afterwards, most people also start an apprenticeship so that they can later work in this profession. 


In order to be able to study in Germany and go to university, you must have completed and passed your Fachabitur (11th grade) or your Abitur (12th grade). There is an exam phase in each of  the 11th and 12th grades, which lasts 3 months. During this time, at least 3-4 tests are written every week, as well as other projects and homework. It's an enormous workload, which can lead to mental problems for many students. Some students choose to end with their Facharbitur 

  But there is at least one advantage: studying at a university is almost free. Not like in America where you have almost $60,000 in tuition for college.  

New CTE Teacher Ms. Marucco

Welcome Ms. Marucco 

By Andrew Pearson

Many changes have been made at CHS during this school year. Not only has the business department gained new facilities, but they have also gained a new teacher. Ms. Marucco was added to the staff at CHS as an admin secretary and registrar in the summer of 2023. However, when Mrs. Snoddy left for a teaching position at EIU, Ms. Marucco was able to join the business department.  

Ms. Marucco said “Being a teacher never really crossed my mind until I figured out that I had the opportunity to share something that I have grown to know and love and to learn from the inside out. Once I was told that there was an opportunity for me, it was just something that I started praying on significantly, and it was almost like that, this was my calling.” 

  She runs her own custom screen printing and embroidery business called Mae’d 4u that helped her gain the experience and qualifications to become a CTE business teacher. 

She said, “Having my own business and having had it for the last three years, I'm able to provide real-life knowledge and experience to the kids on how to really run their own business because essentially that's what CHS Industries is.” 

Ms. Marucco graduated from Charleston High School in 2013 and has wanted to become involved with the school district since graduation. She went to Lakeland for her first two years and then finished her schooling at McKendree University. Once she had the knowledge and experience to become involved, she was extremely excited and thankful. Becoming a mother also helped motivate her to join the school district. 

She said, “I love it, I truly feel like I'm living my best life here[...]I absolutely love being back in these hallways.” 

Ms. Marucco believes in hands-on learning with the students. She finds that giving the students opportunities to create and work with their own hands in a school setting is beneficial to classes such as entrepreneurship, programming, marketing, and accounting. Charleston High School and the school district are incredibly lucky to have her on staff.  

Trojan Head

Trojan Up Freshmen!

By Heighden Fairley 


A new factor of CHS morals this year is the Trojan Up Program! This is a tier system where every freshman student starts on the Scarlet level, and works their way through the Gold level and up to the Trojan Up level through academics, attendance, and conduct. By achieving C’s or better, no more than one unexcused absence per quarter, and no more than one minor discipline referral per quarter, you are in the Trojan up Level! Trojan Up students are rewarded with various privileges and perks including the exciting incentives. 

For the first semester, freshmen that are in the Trojan up level took a trip to the AMC movie theater in Mattoon to watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This was a fun way to celebrate those who strived during the first semester. When the movie was over everybody went back to school in time for lunch and 6-8 periods. Freshman Haya Abou-Zaid says "I loved going to a movie with all of my Trojan Up friends! It’s a great way to keep me on top of my academics and make me do my best in school.” The movie was so fun to watch, and a nice way to end the week. 

CHS has had previous incentives including Trojan Up t-shirts, Popcorn and candy from the concessions, and a pizza lunch. In the future CHS intends to continue sending more students on fun incentives to reward their actions. The students were all so appreciative of this opportunity. Freshman Ally Ulm says “The incentive is always something I look forward to! And it pushes me to do better in my schoolwork.” Many more exciting incentives to come!