Competency-Based Education at Charleston High School

Check back as this page is currently being updated for the 2022-2023 school year.

Which teachers at CHS are piloting the CBE classroom experience in 2022-2023?

Mrs. Bales (Spanish 1)

Mrs. Brimner (English)

Mrs. Cline (Gifted Ed.)

Mr. Cohoon (French)

Mrs. Doughty (Science)

Mrs. Hernandez (Science)

Mrs. Jackson (Special Education)

Mr. Hudson (Math)

Mrs. Mann (Spanish II, III and IV)

Mrs. Peterson (Math)

Mrs. Piper (Special Education)

Ms. Rice (English)

Mrs. Sharp (Music)

Mrs. Siegel (Art)

Mrs. Stark (Spanish I)

Ms. Vilardo (Business)

Mrs. Warman (Special Education)

Mr. Zuber (Business)

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