Weather Related Remote Learning Days

Possible Remote Learning Day (weather related) Advanced Notice

Charleston CUSD #1 district office staff recently learned that, under the Governor’s Executive Order, remote learning days can be used in lieu of using emergency days. This is a proactive message to all in our school community that our district does intend to use remote learning days in lieu of emergency days during this academic year. Because emergency day use must be “made up” at the end of a school year, using remote learning days instead of emergency days would support continuity of learning and avoid the extension of the school calendar past our last student attendance day of June 4. Such use of remote learning days works best when there is advanced notice so that students, educators and parents can prepare for the day. As such, here is how it would work in our district.

  •  Educators will remind students to prepare for an anticipated remote learning day by ensuring that their technology is fully charged and that any materials needed for remote learning are taken home with them.
  • Parents are reminded to secure child care, if needed, and have a child care communication plan ready in the event of a remote learning day announcement.
  • A remote learning day would be announced through the usual ways (electronic media platforms, news media, etc.) prior to 8 o’clock on the evening before the remote learning day.
  • Teachers will add instructional materials and resources to Empower by 9:00am on the remote learning day. These may include independent activities, pre-recorded video lessons, online resources and related learning activities. “Live” video instruction is not expected in the case of a weather-related emergency day.
  • Student attendance will be based on evidence of student participation, engagement, and task completion.
  • Teachers will email families/students with information about how to best communicate during the day if they need support.
  • Students will have the equivalent of two school days (including the remote learning day) to complete the remote learning day activities and assignments. This additional time allows students the opportunity to ask questions or resolve any issues with technology or internet access. Students should submit assignments on Empower when at all possible.