2021 Re-opening Plan Update

July 6, 2020


Hello, this is Charleston Schools Superintendent Todd Vilardo with an update on our progress in developing a plan for re-opening schools for the 2020-2021 school year.  Up through today, much work has been done to gather the various perspectives of our school community in preparation for on-site, in-person learning.  A diverse Transition Planning Team met this morning to review and comment on a draft plan that was developed in accordance with the June 23 ISBE/IDPH joint document.  To keep our school community informed, we wanted to share that draft plan with you today.  Please note, however, that the plan is in draft form and subject to change with changing guidance; therefore, specific school schedules shown are only tentative while schools work with the plan as a foundation from which to build school-specific schedules.  Our next steps include consulting with our local public health officials and labor association leaders to finalize the plan before a presentation to our Board of Education on July 15.  In the end, our goal is to establish our school community’s best collective effort in prioritizing the health and safety of our students and staff so that we can lead and learn every day.  Your patience, understanding and input throughout this process has been valued and is appreciated.