Homeless Education

If you...

  • Live in a shelter or motel

  • Share housing with relatives because you lost your housing

  • Live in a campground, car, old building, or another temporary shelter

  • Don't have a permanent address

You have the right to...

  • Enroll your child in school immediately even without school or medical records

  • Get help from the district liaison with immunizations and/or medical records

  • Choose your child's old school or the school closest to where you are living now

  • Get transportation to school for your child

  • Dispute enrollment or transportation decisions

  • Participate in your child's education

For help, call Kristen Holly, CUSD#1 Homeless Education Liaison, at 217-639-1000

Board Policy

6:140 Education of Homeless Children

6:140-AP Education of Homeless Children

Embarras River Basin Agency

Homeless Prevention Services

Illinois State Board of Education

Homeless Education Referral Form

Illinois State Board of Education

Homeless Education

Illinois Department of Human Services

Homeless Prevention

National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth