(March 24, 2021 Message to School Community)

Re-Opening for In-Person Instruction
  • We successfully re-opened for all students on November 4th with a remote learning option still available to families who preferred to keep their students at home. We will continue to practice social distancing, enforce the use of face coverings, and follow a daily early dismissal schedule at all of our buildings during this time. These plans are pending any order from the Governor’s Office, Illinois State Board of Education or health department guidance.
  • Families should realize that returning to in-person instruction may still require periods of remote learning. Remote learning may be required when/if a mandatory quarantine is issued for individual students, groups of students, classes, school, or district, or if adequate supervision is not available for students due to staff quarantine/illness. We urge families to continue to keep childcare options available for these circumstances.
  • If your child is sick with symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, upset stomach, sore throat, etc, they need to stay home along with any other siblings in the district. If they report or exhibit any of these symptoms while at school, the student (along with any other siblings in the district) will need to be picked up from school immediately. IDPH guidelines state that all household members (i.e. siblings and parents) are all required to quarantine for 10 days unless there is an alternative diagnosis. Students may continue with remote learning, but will not be allowed back into their buildings for in-person instruction until a negative covid test is received, an alternative diagnosis is provided, or ten days have passed without any additional symptoms. Please contact your school nurse with any questions.


  • The Illinois State Board of Education is encouraging parents/guardians to provide their own transportation to and from school, when possible, to keep school buses to limited capacity.
  • If you need to make changes to your child's transportation plans (i.e. add or remove bus services), please see these instructions on how to do that in Skyward Family Access or you can contact your child's school or the bus garage directly.