District Facilities

Since November 2017, Charleston Community Unit School District Number One has received over $3.5 million in County School Facility Tax revenues.

Money received through this tax has gone towards much needed repairs and updates at our schools. A list of updates that have already been made as well as some of the current "to-do's" is as follows:

Mark Twain Elementary School
  • Roof replacement
  • Additional parking
  • HVAC repair/replacement
  • Modular building (trim on windows and siding)
  • Modular building (heating and air conditioning)
  • Generator
Ashmore Elementary School
  • Front sidewalks
  • HVAC repair/replacement
  • Light above Room 117
Jefferson Elementary School
  • Front handicap accessible
  • Partial roof replacement
  • HVAC repair/replacement
  • Inside corridor cameras
  • Gym ceiling condensation
  • Parking light cameras
  • Parent pickup cameras
  • Playground cameras
  • Vinyl wall coverings (replaced, removed)
  • Large signs/cones for street lanes
  • Bleacher repairs
  • Study Jefferson drop-off/pick-up
    Re: return traffic flow (& Carl Sandburg & CMS )
Carl Sandburg Elementary School
  • Drive (repaired/painted)
  • Gym floor
  • HVAC repair/replacement
  • Air/heat units (high efficiency)
  • Carpet
  • Handicap door opener
  • Entrance lighting
  • 3M film
Charleston Middle School
  • Bleachers
  • HVAC repair/replacement
  • Trip hazard on NE doors
  • Bus pick-up reconfigured
  • 3M film (all schools)
  • Stairs with rail at baseball field
Charleston High School
  • Broken retaining wall
  • 3M film
  • 400 wing carpet
  • HVAC repair/replacement
  • Parking (east side of building)
  • Tennis court lighting
  • Baseball field lighting
  • Breezeway roof
  • Generator
  • Parking lots/drives
  • Check by architects (north stairwell) for structural concerns
  • Roof areas (400 wing, cafeteria, kitchen, etc.)