District Facilities

The Charleston CUSD#1 District Facilities Assessment Team met on December 12th, 2014 and developed the list of needs as shown below.

The District is planning for the Facilities Team to review the prioritized needs again for the 2017-2018 school year.

Mark Twain Elementary School
  • Additional Space
  • Don't utilize space around boiler
  • Water in teacher's lounge/storage area
  • Additional parking
  • Modular building (trim on windows and siding)
  • Modular building (heating and air conditioning)
  • Generator
Ashmore Elementary School
  • Front sidewalks
  • Light above Room 117
Jefferson Elementary School
  • Front handicap accessible
  • Inside corridor cameras
  • Gym ceiling condensation
  • Parking light cameras
  • Parent pickup cameras
  • Playground cameras
  • Vinyl wall coverings (replaced, removed)
  • Large signs/cones for street lanes
  • Bleacher repairs
  • Study Jefferson drop-off/pick-up
    Re: return traffic flow (& Carl Sandburg & CMS )
Carl Sandburg Elementary School
  • Drive (repaired/painted)
  • Gym floor
  • Air/heat units (high efficiency)
  • Carpet
  • Handicap door opener
  • Entrance lighting
  • 3M film
Charleston Middle School
  • Bleachers
  • Trip hazard on NE doors
  • Bus pick-up reconfigured
  • 3M film (all schools)
  • Stairs with rail at baseball field
Charleston High School
  • 3M film
  • 400 wing carpet
  • Parking (east side of building)
  • Tennis court lighting
  • Baseball field lighting
  • Breezeway roof
  • Generator
  • Parking lots/drives
  • Check by architects (north stairwell) for structural concerns
  • Roof areas (400 wing, cafeteria, kitchen, etc.)