Adopted by the Board of Education - October 18th, 2017

1. Academic Achievement
The district will incorporate an aligned system for teacher selection, induction, development, and evaluation that is aimed at providing research-based, effective instructional practices so that each student annually meets or exceeds learning standards.

2. Community Relations and Collaborations
The district will collaborate with families and community members to mobilize resources and supports aimed at promoting the success of all students.

3. District Facilities
The district will maintain a long-term facilities and capital improvement plan that ensures the safety of our school community and supports the learning needs of our students.

4. District Finances
The district will commit to serving as responsible stewards of its fiscal resources and seek revenue sources that fulfill the district's needs.

5. Technology
The district will harness current and emerging technologies, communication tools, digital resources, and trainings, to prepare all students to be productive and digitally literate citizens.