Just a reminder, Monday November 2nd will be a remote planning day for the Ashmore teachers. November 4th will be the first day of student attendance next week. Thank you!!
almost 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Thank you so much to the anonymous donor who graciously provided a Monical's lunch for the Ashmore teachers and staff members. Your generosity and thoughtfulness made us feel so light-hearted and appreciated today!!!
almost 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Please be advised that there have been changes made to the Ashmore Building Re-Opening Plan.
almost 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Last week was SO much fun at Ashmore!! We were able to have almost every one of our students in the building!!! Not for sure who was more excited to be there, the teachers or the students!!! One thing is for sure though, we had such a great time all being together!!!
almost 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Fun together!!
Working hard!!!
Kindergarten fun!!
3rd Graders working hard!
Our Ashmore teachers have done some outstanding work this week with student! Working one on and and in small groups. We are so excited to see even more Ashmore students in the building next week as we head into MAP testing!!
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
2nd graders hard at work for Mrs. Oakley!
Working hard with Mrs. Gallo!
Small group work with Mrs. Oakley!
Working hard in Mrs. Jacobs’s kindergarten class!
Good Afternoon Ashmore Families!!! If you haven't already done so, could you please take a moment to fill out the new return to school survey that has recently been posted on the district website. The more school data we have, the better prepared we will be to serve our students! We've slowly been bringing small groups in this week, and it has been just a joy seeing kiddos in the building working hard and forming relationships with their teachers!!! We thank you all for your continued support and patience during these trying times!!! The link to the survey can be found here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ZVmoXzSDt0eo3d9OfKD91Sl4MXJkEZZAoTF45J5-XqFUOEVJNjNQUlBRTDVOVjlOSkJJVkk2MExJUy4u
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Good Afternoon Ashmore Families! Ashmore classroom teachers will be in touch for MAP testing plans. Testing sessions are planned for the week of October 5th-9th, and will be scheduled as follows: Monday October 5th - 1st Grade Tuesday October 6th - 2nd Grade Wednesday October 7th - 3rd Grade Thursday October 8th - 4th Grade Friday October 9th - Make-up Day Drop off time will be 8:45 A.M to allow children to be screened and ensure masks are in place. Students will be spaced apart in the computer lab to allow for social distancing. Pickup time will be 11:30. Lunch will not be served on these days, but a snack will be provided to all students.
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Happy Friday Ashmore Families!!! We are closing out Week 3 of Remote Learning today. I've been able to join some classrooms this morning, and I am SO impressed with what I am seeing of our Ashmore students' participation for live meetings!! I would like to just send a reminder that teachers are taking traditional grades this quarter for assignments. Please remind your student to turn work in as he or she is completing activities. We now there has been some issues with Empower, so if there is any difficulty in getting assignments turned in, please let us know. Keep up the AMAZING work, and BRING ON Week 4!!!!
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Good Morning Ashmore Families! As our second week of remote learning comes to a close, I would just like to pass on a few friendly reminders of classroom expectations. It is very important that when our classroom teachers give the direction for students to mute themselves, that students are staying muted. Just like in a normal classroom setting, it is very distracting to the learning environment when others are talking, and now in our virtual classrooms when there is additional background noises. This is new to us all, and we understand a learning curve is needed. As we start week 3 on Monday, lets continue to work together to help out our Amazing Ashmore teachers, and be respectful to our fellow classmates!!
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Ashmore Families just an FYI!! If your child is trying to log into Microsoft Teams, please make sure your child’s email address and password are used to log in. We are finding many personal devices are auto filling parents email information, and not allowing to connect.
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Good Afternoon Ashmore Families!!! You should be receiving a mailed copies of parental and student login information for the Empower program. Copies were mailed out this afternoon.
about 2 years ago, Kristen Brown
Good Morning Ashmore Families!! Ashmore Elementary will be hosting and scheduling Meet the Teacher sessions starting August 31st-September 2nd. Please be on the look out for a telephone call or email from your child's classroom teacher next week. During these sessions will also be the opportunity to pick up supplies and materials that the school is providing during this period of remote learning. When coming in for scheduled Meet the Teacher Sessions a face mask is required, and we ask that only one parent accompany the student in order to maintain best social distancing practices and limit the number of bodies in the building. We are all working very hard to get this school year kicked off, and look forward to meeting with all of our students and families!!!! ~Kristen Brown, Principal Ashmore Elementary
about 2 years ago, Brown, Kristen
Ms. Jacobs is still connecting with Ashmore Kindergarten class!
over 2 years ago, Beurskens, Mindy
Mr. Mark found a sweet message when he arrived at Ashmore school on Thursday morning! We sure miss our students! We think of you daily, and hope that you are all doing well! ❤️
over 2 years ago, Ms. Jacobs' Kindergarten
We all miss you !!!!
Hey! Here's a fun art demo on shaving cream art with the story Mix It Up! https://youtu.be/dBiQcHivKAg Just a reminder that you can also find this video, book PowerPoint, and lesson (and more!) on my website as well https://sites.google.com/view/artwithdarb Puffy Paint Tomorrow!
over 2 years ago, Darbie Thompson
Andy of Andrew’s Family Magic entertains Ashmore students!
over 2 years ago, Huddleston, Becky
Andrew and Owen
Andrew’s Family Magic
Ashmore Kindergarten creating memories with EIU Women’s Basketball Team. Thanks to all of families for the generous donations for our CARE fundraiser.... and many thanks to the Women’s Team for hanging out with this crew for the morning!
over 2 years ago, Ms. Jacobs' Kindergarten
Photo 2
Photo 5
Photo 3
Second grade working on Social Emotional Skills
over 2 years ago, Beurskens, Mindy
Second step
Dustin is a Lexia Superstar!
over 2 years ago, Beurskens, Mindy
4th Grade Buddies visit kindergarten for Math Games!
over 2 years ago, Ms. Jacobs' Kindergarten
Greater than \ Less Than card game
Game of War!
Game of War!