Karlie Spirit Slip

Karlie Evans showed kindness by volunteering to wipe off tables after lunch when Mr. Mark was gone.

- Mrs. Gallo

Raiden Spirit Slip

Raiden Hunter showed cooperation, kindness, and respect when he helped another student with their math work. He was very patient with her.

- Ms. Jacobs

Hayden Spirit Slip

Hayden Whipkey showed responsibility and kindness when he took the trash out because Mr. Mark was not there.

- Mrs. Gallo

Vincent Spirit Slip

Vincent Taylor showed respect, responsibility, and kindness. He stands out in his class because he is always following directions, raising his hand to speak and helping others in library. He is an outstanding role model.

- Mrs. Spitz

Hunter Spirit Slip

Hunter Postlewait showed kindness and respect. He took out the trash when Mr. Mark was not there that day.

- Mrs. Gallo

Kambri Spirit Slip

Kambri Gordon showed kindness when she volunteered to help wipe off tables after lunch because Mr. Mark was gone.

- Mrs. Gallo