MLA 8th Edition

What to look for when creating a Works Cited page.

Element Definition Example
Author. Person or persons responsible for creating the sources Smith, John.
"Title of Source." Title of article, webpage, or chapter information is read from. "Washington Crossing the Delware,"
Title of Container, Title of textbook, website, or magazine where source was found. World Book,
Other Contributors, Other people listed as helping to create the source: illustrators, directors, editors Illistrated by David Shannon,
Verison, Source specifies what edition it is. 8th Edition
Number, What issue or volume the sources is a part of. vol. 8
Publisher, Company responsible for producing a source. Scholastic Inc,
Date Published, When source was published, posted, or last updated. 14 Oct. 2016,
Location. Where the source can be loacted within its container. pp. 55

Works Cited Formatting
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Size: 12pt
  • Center align title: Works Cited
  • Left align each source citation
  • Indent any lines after the first of each source
  • Keep sources in alphabetical order by first word
Example Works Cited Page

Works Cited Example Sheet