Mr. Mac Exercise Tips

Mr. Mac’s Tips for Physical Activity During the Corona Virus Shut Down


1.)  Get outside for fresh air -30 minutes minimally each day.  Practice social distancing

        but get out there and move.  Bike, hike, kick a ball, shoot a ball, play catch, run

        around etc.


2.)  Establish a routine if possible.  For too many that routine will be sitting in front of

       some sort of TV, I-pad, or computer.  Limit these and add physical games, board

       games, card games etc.  Don’t get trapped lazing around too much.


3.)  Even elementary aged children can benefit greatly from a fun exercise session.

       Body weight exercises have always been the best and least expensive way to go.

       Pushups, sit-ups, high knees, jumping jacks, arm swings, burpees/super-burpees,

       mountain climbers, planks, one leg balancing, wall sits, Russian twists, etc. etc.


4.)  Here’s a fun inside activity idea.  Set a timer to go off every hour or half hour and

       when it does everyone has to do something physical.  Take turns choosing the

       activity.  Dancing, running in place, or any of the activities from above will work.

       Be creative and make it fun.


5.)  How about using TV commercials as a signal to exercise or a signal for family fun.

       Spelling or math quizzes during commercials.  Pushups and sit-ups work too.


Tons of great games, dances, and other fun and creative exercise ideas on YouTube and all over the internet.  Enjoy this most unique down shift to all our busy lives.