Car Riders

Bus Riders

Kindergarten/AM Preschool

  • From 7:30-7:55 students enter the building through the back door (kindergarten) and annex door (preschool).

  • Please use the drive north of the playground to drop off your child.

  • Students eating breakfast should arrive prior to 7:45 am.

  • Upon arrival, students will proceed directly to their classrooms.

PM Preschool

  • At 11:40 students enter the building through the front door.

  • PreK staff will meet you at the front door; please wait on the front porch if you arrive early.

  • Students will be walked to their classroom by a staff member

  • Bus students will be dropped off at the front entrance, with the exception of AM Preschool busses which drop off at the back door.

  • Upon arrival, students will proceed directly to their classrooms.


The parking lot west of the playground may be utilized at any time throughout the school day. You may also park along the street in the parking spots parallel to the school.

Please do not park in the front drive on the west side of the building from 10:20-10:35 am and from 11:30-11:45 am because preschool buses will be in the front drive during those times.

The front drive will be closed to car traffic at 1:45 pm to allow for busses to line up for end-of-the-day pickup.

Students needing to be picked up early for an appointment must be picked up prior to 1:45 pm. After that time, we ask that parents use the normal dismissal procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and students as traffic will begin to increase at the entrances at that time.

If you need to pick up your child early from school for an appointment or emergency, the procedures are as follows:

  • Call the office (217) 639-8000 to let us know of the early pickup. 

  • Upon arrival, notify the office by pressing the button on the a-phone. Wait outside and have identification ready.

  • Secretary or school personnel will walk the student to the door, check identification, and release the student to the parent or guardian.


Car Riders

Bus Riders

Kindergarten/PM Preschool

  • With your vehicle, form a line at the gate on the north side of the playground until the gate is opened at 2:10 pm.

    It is highly recommended that you form a line and enter the circle drive from the northwest using Taylor Ave, rather than in front of the school.

  • At 2:10 cars will be allowed through the gate north of the playground to follow the circle drive.  All cars should have a mirror tag that states the child’s name and teacher. Parents can obtain a mirror tag in the office.

  • Inside the building, student names will be called over a walkie-talkie. Teachers will dismiss students from classrooms as they hear their names called, and a staff member will bring the student to their car. Parents are asked to remain in their vehicle during pickup to help make the process more efficient.

  • Parents are not to park in the lot and walk to the back door or enter the building during dismissal. Car riders MUST be picked up in the car line.

AM Preschool

  • At 10:25 staff will walk students to the walk-through gate on the west side of the playground to meet parents (weather permitting) or to the front doors during inclement weather.


  • Bus riders will wait in their assigned dismissal spot and will be led out to their bus by a staff member once the bus arrives.

AM/PM Preschool

  • Bus riders will be escorted to the bus by preschool staff and loaded on the bus.