The Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health are reminding families and students about the importance of vaccinations. To see a list of the requirement vaccinations, please click here. In addition the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has information regarding vaccinations on their website. To view that information please click here.

Amanda Lock

RN Charleston 

High School
Phone: 217-639-5015
Fax: 217-639-5018

Paula Bly

LPN Charleston 

Middle School
Phone: 217-639-6015
Fax: 217-639-6005 

Mark Twain School
Phone: 217-639-8015
Fax: 217-639-8005

Rhonda Pedigo


Carl Sandburg School
Phone: 217-639-4015
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Halona Michels LPN 

Jefferson School
Phone: 217-639-7015
Fax: 217-639-7005

Ashmore School
Phone: 217-349-3000
Fax: 217-349-3005