Welcome to Carl Sandburg Library

Library Checkout

Checkout is still available this school year! The books will be quarantined according to the Illinois Heartland quarantine guidelines between students. Students are able to pick out the books they would like to check out from any device that can access the Clever app used in the classrooms. Books will be delivered to the classroom on library day for in-person learning or can be picked up from the school for remote learning. Please use the provided document to see how this process will work using your student's Clever account to access the Destiny website. Contact Mrs. Hawk with any questions at hawkl@charleston.k12.il.us or by calling 639-4012.

2020-2021 Library Lessons

We will be having live library lessons weekly according to the schedule on the left side of this page. If your child is able to attend library class with the class (either in-person or remote), they will not have lessons to complete in Empower. Lessons will still show up in Empower, but they will be graded as complete based on attendance. If your child is not able to attend with the class, please have them complete the Empower lessons weekly to receive attendance credit for the week.

Aug 31 - Sep 11: Monarch Book: King & Kayla (2 Lessons)
Sep 14 - Sep 18: What is a Library?
Sep 21 - Sep 25: Book Care
Sep 28 - Oct 2: Internet Safety #1
Oct 5 - Oct 9: Just Right Books (3rd) & IPICK (1st & 2nd)
Oct 12 - Oct 23: 2021 Monarch Book Nominees (2 lessons)
Oct 26 - Oct 30: Internet Safety #2
Nov 4 (Wed) - Nov 10 (Tue): Monarch Book: The Good Egg 
Nov 18 - Nov 24: How to use Destiny 
Nov 30 (Mon) - Dec 4 (Fri): Library Neighborhoods
Dec 7 - Dec 11: Keyword Search (3rd) & Parts of a Book (1st & 2nd) 
Dec 14 - Dec 18: Destiny Hunt (3rd) & Call Numbers (1st & 2nd) 
Jan 4 - Jan 8: Destiny Hunt (3rd) & Alphabetical Order (1st & 2nd)

Internet Safety Information

We will be beginning our monthly Internet Safety lessons the week of September 28, 2020. Check back here for monthly resources relating to our lesson topics.

Common Sense Media  Family Engagement Resources
Common Sense Media  K-5 Family Tips

Lesson #1: Week of September 28, 2020
LESSON #2: WEEK OF October 26, 2020
  • First Grade: How Technology Makes You Feel (Family Activity is the same as Week #1)
  • Second Grade: Device-Free Moments (Family Activity is the same as Week #1)
  • Third Grade: Password Power-Up Family Activity

Checkout Guidelines

Checkout: Students will be able to checkout 2 books weekly during library class. Students will not be allowed to checkout new books if previously checked out books are not returned. 

Overdue Fines: Carl Sandburg library does not charge fines for overdue books.

Lost Books: If a book is lost, a replacement fine will be added to your student's account and your student will not be allowed to checkout until the fine is paid. If the lost book is returned in good condition within one year after the replacement fine is paid, we will refund the fine to you. 

Damaged Books: If a book is returned with damage that cannot be repaired, a replacement fine will be charged and your student will not be able to check out until the fine is paid.