Welcome to the Carl Sandburg Library Media Center!

Mission: The mission of the Carl Sandburg Library Media Center is to foster the love of reading for each student, provide access to resources in diverse formats to meet the needs of our students and staff, and ensure all who come leave effective users of information and ideas.


Students may check out two books per week. Books may be kept for one or two weeks. If a student would like to keep their book longer than two weeks, they must bring their book back to the library to renew it. We do not charge daily overdue fines.

If your book is lost or damaged, you will be asked to pay the replacement fee for the book or replace the book with a new copy. If you are unable to pay the replacement fee, please contact Mrs. Hawk to arrange an alternate plan.

Library Schedule

Each class comes to the library for 50 minutes once per week. During this time, students have the opportunity to check out books as well as have a library lesson. The library curriculum includes literature appreciation, research and technology skills, and internet safety.

Monday (Mark Twain): Kuhns 8:10-8:50, Ready 8:50-9:30, Phipps 9:30-10:10, Oakley 10:10-10:50, Dennis 10:50-11:30, Garcia 12:00-12:40, Arvidson 12:40-1:05 (checkout Friday 10:05-10:35), Davis 1:05-1:30 (checkout Friday 8:25-8:45), Zigler 1:35-2:00 (checkout Thursdday 9:15-9:35)

Tuesday: Marttin 8:20-9:10, Paul 10:05-10:55, Brown 10:55-11:45, Jedry 1:00-1:50, Delude 1:50-2:40

Wednesday: Bosler 8:20-9:10, Craig 9:10-10:00, Ballinger 10:05-10:55, Evans 10:55-11:45, Carlson 1:00-1:50, Repking 1:50-2:40

Thursday: Decker 9:10-10:00, Villar 10:05-10:55, Harrington 10:55-11:45, Huddleston 1:00-1:50, Arndt 1:50-2:40

Friday: Francis 8:20-9:10, Taylor 9:10-10:00, McDaniels 10:05-10:55, Coffey 10:55-11:45, VanMeter 1:00-1:50, Baker 1:50-2:40