What is a middle school?

A middle school is designed to create smaller learning communities that can focus on the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of adolescent youth. Both seventh and eighth grade is divided into two teams which are assigned to a core group of teachers. This group of teachers provides interdisciplinary units and varied instructional strategies to meet the needs of the adolescent learner. Exemplary middle schools promote success for all students and create a sense of belonging and caring while supporting the active, inquisitive learners.

What is a team?

A team is a group of about 100 students assigned to the same group of core teachers who provide smaller learning communities. The team educates the students in the area of language arts, math, science, social studies, and reading. In addition to these five periods, students will report to one of their team teachers for Home Base. During the course of the school year, all seventh and eighth grade students rotate through two exploratory course offerings of music and computer skills. Each exploratory class lasts one semester.

What is home base?

Supervised study is a daily class period. During this period, your child may begin working on any assignment they choose. Academic teachers are available if they need assistance. Band and chorus students use this time period to rehearse. These performance groups are graded classes and are included on the quarterly report cards. Band and chorus grades contribute to the student’s GPA and honor roll eligibility.

What is advisory?

The advisory program addresses the emotional needs of young adolescents, while fostering strong teacher-student relationships and a positive school climate. It provides an avenue for adult guidance and peer support as young adolescents cope with one of life's more confusing periods. Advisory is scheduled by teams for about 30 minutes each Wednesday and is a time where students can form relationships with other students and with their advisor.