The Trojan Brew


A soft launch for The Trojan Brew will take place in Early 2022. Simple coffees and pastries will be provided to students, faculty, and staff at CHS from 7:45-8:45 a.m. every Thursday and Friday.

The Trojan Brew will run out of our foods lab temporarily until our new location is constructed within CHS.

Future Plans

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, our new entrepreneurship class will operate and manage the coffee shop. If the new location is complete, the coffee shop will be fully operational Monday-Friday before the school day. The entrepreneurship students will plan and develop the menu, order supplies, track inventory, advertise through our social media and webpage, and work daily in the coffee shop.

In addition, our accounting students will prepare financial reports to be submitted monthly to the district administrators. Our new marketing class will work closely with the entrepreneurship class to maintain a presence on social media and the district webpage. There will also be in-house internships available to juniors and seniors to work at the coffee shop.