Fourth Grade Rules


Fourth Grade Rules





Fourth grade Rules O Good Students


Fourth grade rules are posted in each classroom. These are simple rules which reflect classroom behavior. It is important that parents and students know these rules.

For respectable and compliant behavior, students can earn "FROGS".  The "FROGS" are varied in value and given by the teacher.  There will be a weekly auction in which students may purchase items using their "FROGS".  The classroom rules that the students are expected to follow are as follows:

1. Never cut in line.

2.  Do not smack your lips, "tsk", roll eyes or show disrespect with gestures.

3. Always say "thank you" when given something.

4.  If you are asked a question in conversation, respond and ask a question back.

5.  Transition from one subject to another or transition from one class to another, will be  swift, quiet and orderly.

6.  If any child in the school is bothering you, let the teacher know.  Let the teacher deal with the situation.

7.  Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.  Then say "excuse me".

8.  If someone drops something, pick it up and give it  to them.

9.  When in line, walk single file, with your arms at your sides.  You should face forward at all times. There will be absolutely no talking.


The Essential 10 is based off the bestselling book, The Essential 55 by Ron Clark.  Students are expected to follow the Essential 10 rules.

All students are expected to follow the Jefferson Elementary School rules as outlined in the Jefferson Elementary Handbook.

Continual disobedience can cause the child to be sent to the office of the assistant principal.  Incident reports can be given. Please see the Jefferson Elementary Student handbook for the consequences associated with receiving an incident report.


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