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Charleston Middle School competes in girls' and boys' interscholastic athletics.  At the end of all seasons teams are involved in Illinois Elementary School Association (I.E.S.A.) sponsored state tournaments.  Students participating in these programs must abide by the CUSD#1 Athletic Code. 
An updated physical is required prior to participate in any athletic event.

Athletic Calendar

Athletic Code

Trojan Booster Club



Boys' Baseball 

Jon Hanner

Girls' Softball

Blain Mayhall

Boys' Basketball

Chris Bily--7th Grade
Randy Harpster--8th Grade

Girls' Basketball

Girls' Basketball

Robert Lynn--7th Grade
Blain Mayhall--8th Grade

Boys' and Girls' Track and Field


Scott Bennett

Angie Buescher

Trina Oetting

Girls' Volleyball

Angie Buescher--7th Grade
Justin Tomasko--8th Grade

Pom and Dance Team

Angie Geisler

The Little Trojets Pom and Dance Team is made up of approximately 18 students.  They promote school spirit and perform at home boys' and girls' basketball games using choreographed dance routines.  They compete at Illinois Drill Team Association (I.D.T.A.) regional competitions beginning in January and ending in February with state finals.


Abigail Schmitz

The major objectives of cheerleading are to promote school spirit through good citizenship, leadership, and cheering at athletic events.  The cheerleaders also compete in cheerleading competitions. Two squads--one 7th grade, one 8th grade--are selected, for a total of 16 girls for the combined squad. 



Randy Harpster


Prior to the start of each school day, from 8:05-8:40, all students may participate in various
intramural athletics held in the gym.  Throughout the year students can compete in
3on 3 basketball, Hot Shots, 3 Point Shooting, Home Run Derby, badminton, volleyball,
table tennis, pickle ball, kickball, tug of war, and other organized activities.

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Non-Athletic Activities

Classroom Courier

Classroom Courier

Mrs. N. Beals

Classroom Courier is a quarterly newsletter created by students at CMSl.  Once each quarter a journalist writes an article about an activity at CMS and, after visiting one of our elementary schools, writes an article about an activity there.  The articles are combined into a professional newsletter distributed in the Times-Courier.  Students interested in participating in Classroom Courier can sign up at the beginning of the school year.  A staff of 12-14 students from both seventh and eighth grade  will be chosen based on writing samples and teacher input.

CMS News

CMS News




The CMS News team prepares, tapes, and broadcasts the daily announcements for CMS.  The program is also uploaded to the web for parents and others to view. 

Student Council

Student Council

Ms. R. Beals

The purposes of the Student Council are to develop attitudes of and practice in good citizenship; promote harmonious relationships throughout the school; improve school morale; promote responsibility and dependability in the student body; represent the students and promote the general welfare of the school.  Student Council is involved in such activities as dances and concessions at events.  Elections are held at the beginning of the first semester.

Scholastic Bowl

Mrs. Doughty

Scholastic Bowl is a game played by two teams of five players each who will try to answer a combination of toss-up and bonus questions. Points are scored by the team who buzzes in first and answers a toss-up question correctly. That team then has the opportunity to answer a bonus question. All seventh and eighth grade students are eligible for Scholastic Bowl.  Tryouts are held in December.  Competitions with other schools are scheduled January through May.


Ecology Team
Mrs. Southworth
Mrs. Sherwood
The ecology team meets during September and October  to study various Illinois ecology and nature subjects. Subjects this year include freshwater fish, bats, and mammals.  In the past they have included pond ecology, marshes, trees, grasses, seeds, and turtles, I think you get the idea. Students study vocabulary, labeling anatomy , and species accounts to identify.  They will compete against other schools in October at Lake Shelbyville.  The Eco-Meet is put on by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Musical Performance Groups



Miss Grimes


Choir/Show Choir/Musical

Miss  M. McDevitt

 CMS offers multiple music performance ensembles--Concert Band, Choir, and Show Choir.  Band and Chorus are classes within the student's daily schedule.  Students may register to take both Band and Chorus.  Students participating in both would attend Chorus on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Band on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with alternating Fridays. 

CMS Show Choir auditions are held in September.  Rehearsals begin in October, meeting after school throughout the year on Mondays and Wednesdays.  CMS Spring Musical auditions are held in January and are open to the entire student body.  Rehearsals are after school Monday through Thursday.


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