Head Coach:


Assistant Coaches:




Attention Coaches:In an attempt to keep the Administration and Board of Education informed about the accomplishments and needs of our programs, all Varsity and Middle School coaches should submit an annual sports report. This report is to be completed and submitted to the athletic director within 30 days after your seasonís last contest.



1.Attach your team schedule with results of games, meets or matches.


2.Attach a roster of your team(s). (Var., JV, Fresh.)


3.Attach a list of letter winners and any other team awards.


4. Attach a list of any special honors received by team members this past season.

††††††††† (All-Conference, All-Area, etc.)


5.Attach a list of any new individual or team records for the season.


6.Attach a list of major team accomplishments this past season.


7.Attach a complete inventory of all equipment and supplies.


8.Attach a proposed budget for next season. Please list all items in priority order.


9.Attach projected Booster Club Requests for next season.


10.Attach a list of suggestions for improving your program for next season.