-Tardy: If you are not in the locker room area before the tardy bell rings or in line for roll when the teacher takes attendance, you are considered tardy.


-Truant:  You are truant if you show up to class later than 10 minutes after the tardy bell has sounded.


-Dressing:  You have 5 minutes to be dressed and in your assigned roll call area once the tardy bell rings.  You will be given 5-8 minutes to change back into your school clothes. 


-Traveling to and from P.E. 

          *Students will use the balconies and hallways whenever possible.  DO NOT CUT ACROSS BAKER GYM FLOOR. 

           *At the end of class (after changing your PE clothes), all students must wait in Baker Gym until the bell rings.  Failure to do this will result in 3pts.


-Uniform:  red shorts with gray t-shirt, gym shoes that do not mark the floor (the teacher will have the final say as to whether the shoes meet the requirements), sweatshirt and pants may be worn over the uniform during cold weather.


-Excuses from Physical Education

                   1.  Any absence for any reason will receive a participation zero for each day missed.

2.  Medical: anything over 1 day requires a medical excuse from a qualified physician or chiropractor stating restriction and length of time to be excused from P.E.

3.  Each day that a medical excuse is used, a one page report will be written and turned into the teacher each day.  The reports will satisfy their daily grade.


-Zero Make-ups (only for attendance)

                   Unexcused absence, no dress, or truancy can not be made up.

          An absence zero can be made up by attending tutorial only unless pre-arranged with an instructor.  You      must report to Baker gym and be dressed by 8:40 am.  It is the discretion of the classroom teacher to determine how many tutorials a   student needs to make up a missed day.      


-Participation Day Points:

                   regular activity day=5 points

                   physical fitness day=10 points



                   90-100                 A                          60-69             D

                   80-89                   B                          59 or below   F

                   70-79                   C

Your grade is based on 15% written test, 15% skill tests on performance of skills in activities plus performance on fitness tests, and 70% participation.  You will be graded daily for participation on a scale of 0-5 or 0-10.  This includes effort and attitudes toward the activity.  You must pass this portion of grading to pass the course.


-No Dress

              *You are expected to dress in the PE uniform each day.  If you are not prepared for class, you will receive 4 discipline points and a zero in participation for the day.  Improper dress in any form will result in a 2 or more point reduction in your daily grade.

              * Any student not dressing will not be allowed to use any electronics during class.


-Any student who accumulates 20 disciplinary points may be removed from class and assigned to a study hall.  The student must report daily to Baker Gym office to sign in and turn in assignments.