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Themes of American Literature

English 3 DOL's Weeks 1-18

English # DOL's Weeks 19-36

CTE Journal Topic #1 Disillusionment ("The Far and the Near") and/or Perseverance ("The Turtle")

CTE Journal Topic #2 Rename the American Dream without using the words American or Dream in the new name

CTE Journal Topic #3 Wealth and Integrity--does being successful/being at the top/having material wealth mean that you must sacrifice your integrity?

CTE Journal Topic #4--Can the past be repeated?

CTE Journal Topic #5--American Dream and Sacrifice: explore the relationship between the two


CTE Journal Topic #6--Explore stereotypical heroes of the 21st century. What traits do they possess? Connect to Mitty and/or posters.

CTE Journal Topic #7--What is patriotism? Define patriotism and give examples.
























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