Keating's Monkeys

There is a program at Charleston High School called, "School Service." In this program, students can choose to help a specific teacher during their study hall period. Any student who wishes to help Keating as part of this program is affectionately referred to as a "monkey." This is a reference to the organ grinders and their monkeys during the 19th century. Usually, the organ grinder would turn a crank on a hand-held organ which produced rather unpleasant music. The monkey would go out amongst the people nearby and collect money in a cup. Since the monkey in this case did whatever was asked of them, it seemed appropriate for this to be the inspiration for my program.

At no time will students be asked to take a cup, wander through the hallway and beg for money.

Students who volunteer to help Keating will do whatever is asked of them; some of the tasks will be mundane and mindless (copying, for example), while others will be more intellectual in nature (analyzing a chemical experiment for flaws, doing calculations, etc). Since there will be some technical knowledge required, this program will only be open to students who have passed Keating's AP Chemistry course.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come see me.

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Thursday April 12, 2007

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