Charleston High School – Baker Gymnasium

December 28, 29, & 30, 2008


­School’s Checklist


This checklist is provided as a courtesy to help your school return items efficiently and to help us organize a quality tournament.  Thank you in advance for returning these items as outlined below.


       Program Information:  Please send program information to by noon on Friday, December 4, 2009.  Include the following: team picture (jpg); cut line; roster (number, position, grade); nickname/mascot; school color; names of head coach, assistant coaches, principal, athletic director; enrollment; and conference.  Either email a team photo as above or send a camera-ready team photo to Brad Oakley, Charleston High School, 1603 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, Illinois, 61920.  We also would appreciate it if each team could secure a business to sponsor them.  Please refer to the form from our Booster Club for more information. Thanks.   


       Shirt Order Form:  Please return your school’s Shirt Order Form (enclosed) by Friday, December 4, 2009.  In each of the tournament games, a participating school may have more than ten (10) players in uniform, but that team will not receive additional compensation.  Each school will receive only fifteen participant t-shirts and four shirts for the coaches. 


       Seeding Form:  Please return the Seeding Form (enclosed) by noon on Friday, December 11, 2009.  Seeding of the tournament teams will be held on Saturday, December 13, 2006.  Your school will receive notification of the teams’ pairings on the morning of December 15th.  Please provide a fax number on your Seeding Form to help facilitate this process.


       Pass Gate List:  Please return your school’s Pass Gate List (enclosed) by Friday, December 18, 2009.  Each participating school will be allowed 10 names to be placed on the pass gate list.  This list should include your administrators, coaches’ spouses, and any special fans or other individuals that you consider significantly supportive of your team. 


       Media Personnel:  Please forward the information regarding media personnel (enclosed) to your respective media affiliations.


CHS Fax: (217) 639-5005


Additional Information


Game Locations: All games will be played at Charleston High School’s Baker Gymnasium.


Basketballs and Towels:  Each team should furnish its own towels.  The Charleston Holiday Tournament will provide basketballs for warm-ups prior to each game.


Fan Parking and Gym Entrance:  Team buses should unload at the main entrance of Baker Gymnasium (south side of CHS); buses may park in the lot on the north side of the school (by the tennis courts).  Fan parking will be available on the south, east, and north sides of Charleston High School.



Players’ Pass Gate and Locker Rooms:  Teams are asked to enter at the SOUTH entrance of Baker Gymnasium.  Teams will be checked-in and directed to their assigned locker rooms.  These rooms will be locked when not in use, but each school should take extra precautions in providing for the care of their valuables.  Charleston Holiday Tournament will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.


Warm-ups:  Ten-minutes will be allowed for warm-ups on the game floor.  If time permits, teams may warm-up on the gymnasium floor before the ten-minute allotment of the first game of each session.  Squads will be introduced during their ten minutes on the floor, and then the game will start.  Additional warm-up space will be available in the West Gym, located west of Baker Gymnasium.


Mercy Rule:  If there is a 30 point difference in the score in the fourth quarter of a game, the clock will stop only for a team time-out, to replace a disqualified player, at an injury or official’s discretion, to administer a technical foul, or for a correctable error situation.


Athletic Trainer/First aid:  Sarah Bush Lincoln Sports Medicine will provide an athletic trainer. Please bring your own supplies for routine taping.  Should an emergency arise, first aid, ice, and other necessary supplies will be available.


Locker Rooms:  After completing a game, please clear-out locker rooms as soon as soon as possible in order to facilitate the next arriving team.  If a drying room or storage space is needed, please inform one of the volunteers at Tournament Central.


Final Day Session:  If you play twice on the final day and need an area to lounge, contact a volunteer at Tournament Central.


Admission Prices:  All tickets are as follows:


Each Session:      $6.00/adult, $4.00/Student (w/ID),  $4.00/Sr. Citizen (65 yrs. & older).

DAY PASSES:   $12.00/Adults, $8.00/Students (w/ID), $8.00/Sr. Citizen and may be used for both boys’ & girls’.


Tickets for each session will be sold daily on game day at the main ticket-selling booth at Baker Gymnasium.  Tickets will go on sale and the doors will be opened daily one hour before the first scheduled game time.


Awards: AwardsSix (6) Team Championship trophies will be awarded.  These will go to the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth place teams in the championship bracket and to the first place team in the consolation bracket.  Awards will be a presented to the ten (10) players selected to the All Tournament Team.  The Charleston Times-Courier will also recognize one of those 10 players as the Most Outstanding Player (Jim Kimball Award).


Tournament Central:  Tournament Central is a place that is organized for the convenience of the press and tournament personnel.  The room will contain press phones, a fax line, statistical information, scores of other tournaments, etc.  This room is not open to the public.  ALL LONG DISTANCE calls made from these telephones MUST be made COLLECT!


Concessions:  The Charleston Trojan Booster Club will be providing concessions at Baker Gymnasium.


Dining: There are several eating establishments located along Lincoln Avenue and throughout the Charleston area.


Rules of Conduct:  The Charleston Holiday Tournament will be played in accordance with the Illinois High School Association regulations.  Please notify your students and other fans representing your school that the display of signs, banners, placards or similar items is permitted, provided: a) they are in good taste and reflect good sportsmanship in their message and use; b) they reflect identification and encouragement to participants and their school/community; c) they are not displayed on the field of play or in a manner which interferes with play; d) they do not obstruct the view of participants or spectators; and they are not safety hazards.  We are also asking for your cooperation in seeing that confetti is not used in the gymnasium.  Photographers are prohibited both from operating flash equipment directly under the baskets and from photographing players during his/her attempt at a foul shot.


Damage to Property:  Each school should assume responsibility for the actions of their players and their representatives.  In the event of careless or malicious damage of any property, by a player or representative of a participating school, such school shall be held responsible for costs of repair or replacement of damaged property.  Special attention should be called to baskets and backboards.  Coaches should warn their players against jumping and hanging on the rim of any basket.  Also, if the winning team desires the net as a souvenir, a ladder will be provided at each end of the floor to facilitate removing the nets.  Mob action by spectators will not be tolerated.  Violators will be prosecuted and schools involved will be referred to the IHSA officials.



EMERGENCY TELEPHONE:                                      (217) 345-0060    CHARLESTON POLICE DEPT.

TOURNAMENT CENTER TELEPHONE:                (217) 639-5048



ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Please contact Brad Oakley, Tournament Manager, at (217) 639-5006 or by email


Happy Holidays and have a safe and enjoyable tournament!