Board of Education

Board Members

Board Members

Mr. Jason Coe President 217-349-8926
Dr. Scott Clarke Vice President 217-348-3399
Mrs. Susan Daniels Secretary 217-348-7628
Mr. Charles Jarrell Treasurer 217-508-4244
Mr. Brian Gough Member 217-232-8431
Mrs. Eva Ritchey Member 217-276-8957
Mr. Matt Titus Member 217-254-9561


Meeting Times

The regularly scheduled board meeting is 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at Central Office, 410 West Polk Street.


Contacting the School Board

If you wish to contact the Board Members of Charleston CUSD#1 please use this email address


District Goals and Strategies

Following this year's Board of Education and Administrative Retreat, our district has revised its district goals and developed strategies
to continually strengthen our services.  Please click here to review our plans.


Additional Board Information